Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



So 2 dins yesturday. That was great guys. Only updated the first one as there was not that much action on the second one.


Nvidia has made available its 391.01 WHQL driver release for GeForce GPUs, and with it comes ‘Game Ready’ optimizations for Final Fantasy XV, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and World of Tanks 1.0.

With regards to PUBG, Nvidia performed some internal benchmarking and found that GeForce GTX 1050 owners stand to see a 7 percent performance increase at 1920x1080. Likewise, Nvidia’s benchmarks highlight the same performance gain for GeForce GTX 1080 owners at 2560x1440 and 3824x2160, and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti owners at 3840x2160.


@fl3xxxo @adrock They might have fixed your crash…


@Hammy about the jumping


Redditor u/hanchengsh posted a thread yesterday to the PUBG subreddit with a mobile screenshot of a user’s data on, a site that compiles detailed multiplayer analytics. It shows a string of six first-place finishes in PUBG, along with a 12th-place and a 41st-place finish. While it’s possible for someone to be good enough at Battlegrounds to routinely score chicken dinners, what’s telling is that in four of these games, this player did zero damage and got zero kills.

And now for something more sinister…


The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds test servers will return this week with a new build of the game incorporating a friend system, voice chat in the main menu, and a “limb penetration system.” That last point might sound like some behind-the-scenes technical mumbo-jumbo, but it’s actually important: It means player will no longer be able to block incoming shots with their hands.


PUBG Corp. has fixed the issue that caused many PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players on PC to get unexpectedly banned.

Update: PUBG Corp. has confirmed on Twitter that the logic related bug that was caused by today’s patch has been fixed. Any players who received a temp ban as a result of the issue are now unbanned.

The developer of the game has published a document that outlines the future of the game on console and PC, and it includes a lot of what you can expect to see of the game going forward.

The developer states that many changes to the games’ aesthetic portion will be changed, including updates to graphics and textures.

More details of new map (Test Server)


For those of you that dont have time to read all those or a bit like me can’t be arsed, the small bits I picked up were:

  • New maps (From what I seen last night a smaller map 4x4km, and after a quick look to a 8x8km one, I could be wrong)
  • Emotes (lets make this fornite)
  • new vehicles
  • new guns
  • better graphics
  • more stable

From what little I read, no time frame. Arma 3 roadmaps are better, at least they give you a time frame


aye, but the Arma one included Arma 4 in Q4 2017 :wink:

I want public custom games, is that mentioned anywhere, or will they remain for streamers only for marketing purposes?


Good point well made. Looking at the division and r6s one thing that ubisoft seem to do well is roadmaps. I dont mind if things get put back, but some sort of time frame is always nice.

No idea about public custom games. Would be a laugh having a ZiiP only game every once and a while though I prefer to play against pubbers.


to be clear, i am glad they’re still supporting arma 3 with further content instead, and i get your point about trying to communicate timelines. i suspect they don’t do it because they’re aware how often things slip and the potential/inevitable public backlash.

you could have an open server so folks find you through the browser, which is already in the game. It’d be like populating the ziip bf server; hop on and hope more people turn up :slight_smile:

Or you could, if you could get a server. they have admin tools for these already (to some extent, at least enough to kick players, password servers), but i believe they’re also still hosting the instances. I think it may fuck with their economy if those became publicly available as some folks would run servers customised just for grinding boxes more efficiently.


Is this the type of game where open custom servers would work? You know now long it can take for a bf server to get up to 24 never mind 100. Personally, I dont know if the game type would suit it. Not many people would hang around waiting on the server to fill up.


I think they could set up public ones with preset settings - so one type of game would be on that set of servers, a different preset on another set of servers

They would still be run by Bluehole but they could sense check what people like don’t like


What presets would there be? Its not like there is different game modes. Unless its 24/7 map servers, or weapon restrictions which would be fun at the start. Again, personally, I dont think this game lends itself to anything like that. Its pretty much, what you see is what you get. Only think I can think of is 1st or 3rd person as a preset.


IF they set it up like battlefield (big if, it isn’t right now, browser and matchmaking are different processes), then you’d set your filters, click matchmaking and it would put you into a server that matched them. you’d have to have general rules i suppose, like ‘modified weapon sets’, rather than selecting all the individual weapons you want available, but specific map, player size (40, 50, 60 player servers could work), drops turned on or off, no vehicles, fixed weather/daytime settings etc could all work. Maybe a hardcore mode where players have less health.

it would all depend on what they decided to implement, but you could definitely make something that could work, i just wouldn’t put any money on it ever happening.


Another thing is you can’t join mid round. Would that mean queuing for your favourite server? I’m no against the idea, just don’t see how they can make it work better than what it is.


have it work the way Battle Royale in Arma does it. You could have a waiting time before the round starts for people to join, and it starts when it’s full, or reaches a certain limit after a timer expires, or when the users vote to start it.

They’ve also done rolling servers, so you have a 10 minute wait before a round starts, and six servers, so there’s a game starting every ten minutes; die in one game and you can hop in the queue for the next, knowing other folks from that same game can do the same. Once a game’s in progress you stop taking new connections, rather than have people connect and wait.

That doesn’t have matchmaking, but given PUBG is it’s own game there’s nothing to stop them implementing a matchmaking process on top of custom servers and a server browser.

The existing custom games rely on the streamers audience (plus whatever random pubbers browse the list) to fill their servers, so it’s a question of whether a given community can attract enough players to the server they run the way they want to run it. at the moment those guys don’t struggle because custom servers are extremely limited, and they’ll be well aware how many ghost servers there are in arma/dayz, that they’d have to pay for under their current setup.


Hammy, the game is a battle royale game. If you are against preset config - weapons, vehicles, blue zone then the game can only offer 24/7 on a single map or different team sizes (squad of 8 or 10, or 50)

Zombies is a good one when Stonemountain64 does his 50 vs 50 or 4 v 96

Other than that I am not sure what else you expect the game to offer.


You’ve completely missed my posts mic. I never said I was against it. I said I didn’t see how it would work as it is only a battle royal game. I did say about all those things but it will then turn in to dayz/wastelands where there will be 1000s of empty servers because you’ll need mods to play or only 5 people on a server.


1.6gb patch downloading now by the way