Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



bugger-ation…!!! will hold off til later


This is the second 1.6gb patch in 2 days. I had one yesterday and now another one. Wtf


How odd? I only have a 36.4MB download - are you sure its for the full game and not the test servers that these downloads are for?


Ive only the full game installed.


same. I had 1.6gb the other day. 1.6gb last night, followed by a 29mb or something as well over night.


In a statement on its website, the PUBG developer said: “We have decided to roll back our latest live server update.‪We will continue to resolve some compatibility issues caused by it. There will be a small patch to download. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Wow how brazen… at a tournament. Video of it in the link

OpTic Gaming finished in second place at the recent PUBG Invitational tournament at IEM Katowice, earning it a tidy $12,000 in prize money. But that position and the prize have been stripped, as ESL has ruled that team member Ian “Bahawaka” Crowe took advantage of a bug that enables players to see through walls.


For those that don’t own it yet, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is now down to £17.99 at


9gb update on going atm


April will see a brand new 4x4 map launched on the game’s experimental test server. This new map is much smaller than any we’ve seen in PUBG before and it will have a higher player density and shorter match times. Bluepoint is promising that this will result in much faster and intense gameplay.


“Rules of Survival” on iPhone App Store is a mobile and free port of the game :slight_smile:


Top .5% :slight_smile:


After 3 months away - finally got on for a couple of games tonight with @adrock, @Scottyboy & @Angelclaws

Was really good. Missed that a lot - Thank guys :slight_smile:

Hopefully I’ll be on more and longer as I get better. I take Amitriptyline at 9pm - so as that kicks in I get more and more dopey…


Here on this page, we’ll outline the current status of the both the Xbox PUBG Roadmap and the original PUBG Roadmap for PC - which runs slightly ahead of its console cousin - so you have a clear idea of what’s coming up soon and, where the developer has said anything specific, when we can expect it to arrive.


I’ve definitely grown bored of this game now. Can maybe only play a round or 2 now before wanting to quit.


I have taken a break from the game due to work commitments and limited game time. The Division weekends have my attention at the moment, along with the FM2018 rebirth (for me).


I’ve got bored as shit at the number of f*&^ing youtube ads this game has been generating for the last 3 days. Literally nothing but this. If I didn’t want to play it before I sure as hell don’t want to now…


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting an Event Mode, which developer PUBG Corp describes as “a periodically changing preset Custom Game where we will be trying new things and experimenting with different game parameters.” It sounds a bit like Fortnite’s themed, limited-time offerings.


Update: In the video above, after a thank you message from Brendan Greene and CH Kim, CEO of PUBG Corp, you can see some footage of the new map in action.


So just playing single player… driving a bike with the sidecar. Was fine across the north road on the desert map. But on the west road - it kept flipping out until it killed me.

3 times. Fucking game.


Yeah if you value living in that game, don’t touch the sidecars… Sure fire way to kill yourself and anyone in it with you.