Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



The PS4 version is modified to be quicker and more streamlined. No crafting etc, air drops come from planes every so often increasing in rarity as time goes on, risk reward is maximised. Also matches generally last 20 mins, longest I’ve had so far is 17mins.


I’m going to try this version instead :smiley:


BTW, that’s free for another 12 hours or so. Physics-based battle royale game.


Moar videos:

Also new update hit the test servers. The new map should be out on the 22nd.


12.2GB download :frowning:


New map mic



Yep New map is out. I have some video. Our second game on the map.


Have a look at this. Might entice some of you to come back once it is live.


So not sure if I’m getting any better at making these videos, but have a look and your opinions/suggestions would be wellcome.


Some more gameplay from the new map. I’m a backseat driver on this one.


il probably get PUBG installed again sometime soon. I did enjoy it. Sometimes.


I still have it installed though very little interest in any sort of gaming at The minute


Another wave of 30,000 players got banned recently, alongside a bunch of “professional players” who were using some hard to detect radar scanner hack.

I will never understand the point of hacking in MP games.