Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)

Played my first solo game of this today, didn’t do too bad!

Found myself getting super nervous with the heart racing towards the end there! Sadly missed out on the win (or at least 3rd place) by making the silly mistake of focusing on the area or play too much and not checking to see if anyone was behind me coming from the storm.


Awesome Mars, we will have to meet up for a game

ALSO - 20 hours 18 mins… the new 1.0 Patch goes live and the game comes out of early access!

Nice one Mars, I have said this before, but this is one of the few games that I have had the adrenaline rush and heart racing in recent times. Sadly in Denmark at the moment and only coming back at the end of the year so can’t play.

Download is 12.6 GB :frowning:

Yeah Xander said earlier… That’s gonna be a savage download. Hopefully I’ll be on this evening if anyone is up for a game?

I will try but Friday is more likely

@mars @Xander - will you be on tonite?

I’ll definitely be around.

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Superb Mars…

@Jester noticed you had this in your library… fancy a try?

Excellent news - FOG and RAIN have been removed
Downside, you can’t pick the map to play on its random.

Some really good games tonite wish we could do large man squads to incorporate everyone.

Adam - chuck us a friends request on Steam - thanks all.

I was contemplating getting this for some play with you guys, but… it looks pretty poor. Dunno. I like the idea of “winner winner, chicken dinner” but this looks a bit dated.

What are we looking at in the full release? Different maps? What we got?

We have two maps - the original russia map and the new desert map; and the game doesn’t look dated imho… its not a AAA game with all the polish that comes with that type of money / time / development houses.

The game is a vast improvement on the Early Access version, a lot more polished than before, but also not perfect - the vaulting mechanics are awesome.

If you want a tension filled, action packed ending then this is the game for you. Its a great game when played with 2-4 friends - on your own its is a nerve racking affair but well worth it.

Unreal 4 engine so will look dated. I don’t even think they are using the latest version of that.

I’ll say it is mate. It’s an arma 3 mod and using the arma engine. It should look better

Does it matter?

It’s fun. uses default assets and cuts corners where it can but tbh it does the job.

Namely, 100 people fall out of a plane in a deathmatch, hilarity ensues.

It’s simple, it’s fun, got some decent ballistics and a fair few server issues. the 1.0 release is a major step forward and it definitely feels like a finished game now.


Does not user arma 3 engine and is not an arma 3 mod. There are battle royale mods made for Arma by the guy who is the lead dev on this thing.

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Yeah the whole game is based on a mod for arma 3. Like dayz is based on a mod for arma 2.

THIS ^^^^^ - its a fun game to be enjoyed with friends!

See I couldn’t ever really get on with ARMA/DayZ, the game was just missing something for me, and I think that was the end goal. With PUBG, I have an aim (kill mofos and win), and with the reducing play area it creates that tension knowing that at any moment with the circle getting smaller I could well be entering into a 4 way firefight.

It’s close enough to a ‘milsim’ for me to enjoy playing tactfully and yet arcadey enough for me to be able to drop in for a quick 20 minute blast without having to set aside a few hours for a game.

I’ll agree there are extreme similarities to ARMA and it’s ilk, but no one can deny it’s a good game, look at the amount of games played, YouTube videos created and the sheer amount of money they’ve brought in. It’s the first instance of a game I’ve come across that’s done Eary Access properly. They’ve used the money wisely, and created more content, added features, fixed bug (well some) and have actually made a decent game. I wouldn’t ever call it a AAA title. It cost me £20 to buy. Show me any other current chart topping game that can be picked up brand new for that (outside of sales)? CoD? No. BF1? No. Fifa? No. GTAV? No. Rainbow 6 Siege? No. Granted you can currently get a version of it for £11.99, but that fiddles with the unlocks meaning there’s a whole load of grinding to get anywhere. Point is, it’s a great standalone game, that’s been done well, has captivated it’s audience and is genuinely some of the most hilarious and tense gameplay out there at the moment.