Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



Can’t help ya I am afraid I have not played on PUBG for two weeks so I do not know if the patch improved things or not. I have not been following things to be updated.

I suggested trying the North American servers as these played “okay” before full release. I suspect the “lag” will still be there - as for region hop? don’t know what that means. This game has always allowed you to pit your skills against different time zone players.

Benchmarks for Graphics Cards:


Then that there has identified a problem I have.

I think ping to the States is less of an issue than it used to be. Technology has improved… and I think the days of getting 400-500ms lag to the US is probably down to around 150-200ms these day. Arguably, still too high for FPS gaming. I could be talking absolute BS however.

The ‘problem’ ( and I say that in respect to the server companies, not the players) is that if they are using cloud based solutions like Azure, then the actual global coverage is terrible. Same for R6. Poor sods playing in South Africa, Middle East, South America… even Oceania will have no close server infrastructure and are therefore routed to EU and US servers.

Some people do it intentionally because they can gain an advantage - Others have no choice.

Region-hopping that Hammy refers too is people doing it intentionally to gain advantage. Playing on an EU server when they should really be playing on a US one etc.


Thanks for explaining…

Found this… it may help with he issues - its old but may still be relevant


Point isn’t with our ping (well not that you would know as there is no ping counter that I can find in game) but if you get others from the us/russia/etc with high pings coming on. Game just doesn’t feel like a full release to me atm though do enjoy it. It does need a lot of work (a player list with pings would be nice)


Perhaps look at the Custom Server lists… should be a server browser. This is where Youtubers have servers and possible clans run their own servers. I haven’t ventured in for a peek though since it went full release


Have looked that them. Just gives you a list of custom servers. Most are passworded but don’t have pings shown from what I can remember.


Any there any ZiiP You tube clips/games on Youtube?


Ignore the title of the Youtube but it is an unwittingly good guide to use the replay of PUBG game you have played and the various options to how to use it


Thanking you very much Mic.


Had a really good couple of games with Scotty last night. I’ve saved the replay and I’ll get it recorded and uploaded (cutting out all the needless crap and running, hopefully the reply has also saved the TS chat) so you can use guys can see how we played it out!


This game is doing my head in! Been killing people and looking like I’ve been doing ok but then either I seemed to be blindsided or my net drops out!


I love the principle of PUGB. But I can’t play it - just leading to incredible frustration. I know I’m also stressed with other things at the moment and it isn’t helping. Might give it - and other FPS shooters - a miss for a bit 'til I get my head straight. Hate hearing my own voice complain - especially when others are enjoying it.

I’ll be around for games of other stuff.


That’s part of it though, as the play area reduces your chances of being blindsided/flanked without even realising they’re their increases.


Know that mars but it’s when you put 5 shots into them and then get one shot it can be annoying as shit. Still enjoying it when my net holds out.

Though like @Jester I’m taking a bit of playing fps games. Still will give them a go most nights but in short blasts.


Yeah that’s fair man, it could also be dependant on the gear they have, a lvl3 helmet and body armour is a force to be reckoned with. If they get a facial shot (giggity) if you’re wearing a lvl2 or lower then that’ll be an instant down.

I do still rage occasionally with it and some of the BS that goes on, so it’s in now way perfect.


Been saying that it doesn’t feel like a full release. Still seems like a beta to me.


I am hoping to be around Friday evening or Saturday early evening if peeps are around for a blast…


that’s because you didn’t play the beta, and have no idea how much worse beta battlegrounds was :wink:

Also i suspect a lot of what’s happening is down to lag switches which appear to be popular with the kids these days as they also work with console gaming. that’d explain shit we’ve seen in R6 to.

Despite it obviously being possible i thought folks still just used software for this (Windows Firewall will do it on a shortcut), but I’d dismissed physically wiring it in as being more effort than it’s worth, but i suppose between ebay and 3d printers it’s not expensive.



Obviously it goes without saying that anyone using such thing here can leave the community and never return.

But seriously. That’s what it has come down to? That’s what online gaming has become? I feel sad.


Half our problem is we’re old school. Used to well admined servers, and more players that wanted to play rather than just win.