Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



Ain’t that the truth!


Community run servers are in short supply these days mainly due to lack of support or prohibitive pricing so we make do with what’s available.


Not the case with arma 3 and all its mods. They are all pretty much ran by communities/clans.

If I play a game that’s full of cheats or ruined by walkers I’ll just find a new game.


New Update (24MB) to fix a couple of things.

The new patch fixes an issue with long range hits not registering. Players can also expect fewer lobby crashes.


Exception to the rule these days.


The primary reason I haven’t forayed in to this game. It’s polarising and I know which side I’ll end up on and it wont be the fun one for me or for those unlucky enough to be on TS with me. I’d also likely whinge my bell off on here and rub people up the wrong way. Now isn’t the best time for me - you too from the sounds of it @Jester - but looking at and reading about your experiences and looking at what is out on the internet scream that this is not the game for me especially given my annoyance with R6 at the moment and my shrinking love of ARMA.

Aside from the pretty horrific insight I’m getting from a bunch of you, seeing stuff like in the video below confirm for me my decision to abstain from PUBG since I’d smash my computer to literal pieces if I was on the receiving end of the lag and other kinds of rubbish like this too often:


do you know the gear level the shooter had before being gunned down by the victim’s partner?


Me? No idea.

Assuming ‘Gear level’ is a mechanic which would influence this interaction? - google any combination of ‘PUBG’ and ‘Jump Kill’ and you’ll see a swatch of absolutely beyond ridiculous beyond even the video above.

If I find it I’ll link you one of a guy jump from a roof to some steps and one shot a guy with a shotty wearing only a bike helmet with no other visible gear. It’s like the Dolphin diving of old.


That bunny hopping. Ruins games that.


Can’t find the specific one, but this is the same thing I described happening in the exact same spot:


The shooter has level 2 gear as opposed to the guy with no helmet or armour and its a shottie at close range.

The jump action is part of the game due to lack of vaulting mechanics; this has now been added to the game under the 1.0 update.


I’ve only every played > 1.0 and I’ve had someone jump around a corner like that and shoot me midair.


Yep - it happens… did it in BF4 too.

I suspect it would need several posts on their forums about it; it appears the Devs do listen to the community so may change the dynamics of the jump. They wont remove it as jumping is sometimes needed where the vaulting mechanic breaks or is not required i.e. jumping down from a shipping crate to a roof.


Doesn’t mean you need to jump along 5 foot and 6 foot in the air.


The vaulting mechanic has been implemented Mic. Quite nicely as well. But the jumps are still in and ridiculous. They need to take that shit out. Or if you jump you cant shoot.

Did have a good couple of games with @mars last night. We scored few kills between us. For me there is a learning curve. At close range I do not use the aim down sites. At medium to long rage aim down sites come into play.

I am enjoying the game but it clearly suffers from the worst of pc gamers, 1.5million bans out of 3million player base sums that up. And thank god there is no chat and I have VOIP off. But During a game you see no evidence of Anti Cheat in action, at least R6 makes up some names of the players its banning.


Fuuuuck…that can’t be real can it?!


Apparently so.



PUBG tracks the chinese player base too. All other shooters tend to separate their numbers and users from ours.


Pretty sure there are 30 million players based on sales.


Had a slightly better game last night. Sober after Xmas. Annoyed by work - so it should have spelt disaster… but wasn’t too bad.

Parachuting to the further point possible away from the ‘line’ of the plane seems to lead to less frantic BS at the start and gets you geared better. Previously I’d just drop as fast as I could to get down and get started.