Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



I think I try to stay on the plane for a while and click on a smaller group of houses rather than jumping into the cities or popular areas like School (1st map) or Military Bases.

The run-ins are fewer giving you a chance to gear up and investigate the map before finding vehicles / moving to zone.

Many jump immediately and are in the sh*t as well with more experienced players and in most cases, the game ends quickly. I try to play on the outskirts rather than charging into the centre.


Some funny moments in PUBG - favourite bits around 3:30 tpo 4:05

EDIT: @BlackRaven - 6:30 to 07:10 - this is YOU!!! LOL


I would have had a sexier voice there! :slight_smile: Also I usually say sorry before I do stupid stuff like going for a package.


Had a good game with @adrock @Jester and @Scottyboy which left me in the final zone with a squad of 4. Managed to take out 2 of them but the numbers game won.

As much as this game annoys me, times like that do get the heart going. Game still needs a lot of work to be a great game.


Some good games with Scotty (@Crspy - you need to come on to TS so we can game with you)


What’s with this forward rolling stuff?

Also. I smell a little BS…


Can you roll in this Game? I’m going to mix it up a bit this week and give this a bit of a break. Did have some good games but it could do with a few new maps and a better mix of weapons.


Not seen a forward roll before…


I believe @Scottyboy was on the corner of that wall - Now, that guy does look that way ( I appreciate his mate is probably calling Scott out) but the way he looks over there is a bit… hmmm. Maybe I’m just too skeptical.

Then the weird rolling shit and then insta-shotting me… Just felt… not right.


That has to be a Macro for moving forward a f backwards or something. Shit don’t look right.


@BlackRaven - an example of a cinematic PUBG game using the replay system.


@RoGuE - ever tempted to get this?


A new patch is available for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC test servers and it follows up on the last Steam Community post from Bluehole that addressed cheating. With this latest update, the developer has now made it possible to report cheaters from the replay feature. You don’t have to be killed by said suspected cheater in order to report them. Overall, this should make it easier for players to analyze whether someone is cheating or not.


I noted they are also changing the Energy Drink to a new design. And introducing paid loot crates for shitty clothes.


Still on the fence @MicJules, still not sure if I’ll rage big style with the game or not.


Oh you will rage big style for sure. But keep coming back for more and more.


Its worth getting even for the rage as kills and the odd win overcome the rage and they are very satisfying!


More I play this the more I do enjoy it but it gets boring very quick. Needs more maps badly and they need to fix that netcode! Hit reg is worse than r6s and that was shockingly bad!

Region locking is need to stop people lag abusing from china/us/etc and a player list with pings would be nice. Even just when you die. And for the love of god they need to remove bunny hopping!! It ruins the game.


I disagree we need another map as we have only just got the desert map but the hit reg / net code does need fixing.


netcode/hitreg need work, as do elements of the movement and the animations. Also the ballistics model, though that may be tied in to hit reg i suppose.

I’m not sure what use a player list with pings would be; what will you do with that information? In something like battlefield, it would let you spot and potentially kick high ping players, but given there’s no way to ID a player before your or their knockdown/death i’m not sure what the benefit would be. I already know I’m dying to horrendous ping bullshit, i don’t need empirical evidence or vindication.

I think maps will be a slow roll out like Arma or ARK; they are a fair size after all. I’ve barely explored the desert map and still haven’t visited large parts of the first map, so I’m not sure how badly they’re needed. Do you find you already know every bit of both maps? How much does this bother you, given you only play Arma on Tanoa :wink:

bunny hopping isn’t going anywhere, it’s been a staple of games since the 90s and i just don’t think we’ll ever be rid of it. I’m not a fan of the hopping, but the animations required for vaulting/mantling/climbing make those too slow (albeit realistically) for an FPS shooter; this isn’t Arma and it’s not aiming for realism so i don’t see them taking it that way.

The region thing’s tricky, because you could always play via a VPN to circumvent it, and give yourself greater/more controllable lag in the process. That potentially applies to both region-locking and ping limiting. The answer is to allow private run servers who can build a community the way things used to be, but i think we all need to accept those days are over; assholes make up a large part of the market and their money is as good as ours, and since we can’t leave them out of our own accord we may have to accept their presence, or move on to new hobbies.

I think i just depressed myself out of my lunch :confused: