Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



Point taken, would still like to see who i’m up against, in the off chance that we come up against another ZiiP squad.

I know they will be slow to roll out due to size. I would like more variety to the maps. yes, we only play one map on Arma, but the game mode lends itself to that map more than others. Would still like to go back to the older maps on that. As for knowing the maps, do you need to know them as well as in arma for that game mode? Personally, no. As long as I know a rough layout I think i’m good. Its not like the same things spawn in the same spots in each round in PUBG compared to Arma.

Bunny can be removed by not allowing people to shot while jumping, or making the jumps smaller/lower. Would still allow the faster game play but not go to realistic.


I feel BF1 deals with this quite well, if you are spamming jump quickly while moving forward, it slows your movements down quite rapidly.


because I run this game on 1920x1080 is this the reason I struggle to see people on the game (distance)?


Hi Mic,

You can change your fov in the game. Obviously if you had a bigger screen or more resolution you would be better off. I have noticed that Fl3x and Adrock can see more on the periferal areas as they have ultravides.
I might see how this runs on eyefinity(I doubt it will run as it does not support multiple gfx cards).


Appears to be a 6 gb download for this today


Yes. No PUBG for me tonight.

Patch notes.

Added more objects around La Bendita on Miramar to increase the amount of cover

Reduced the visible distance when parachuting down in order to optimize the server and client performance at the early phases of the game

Changed the design of the energy drink

Adjusted the squad team colors (players 1~4) to better reflect their callout names (yellow, orange, blue, green)
Adjusted squad team colors to make them more consistent between different colorblind options
Added a function where a player can select more detailed criteria for the “Cheating” category in the in-game report tool
You can choose multiple items or you can just report without selecting any of them

While player’s nameplate is on (H key), now you can check the current weapon of that player by pressing G key
Added report button in replay
Report button pops up when pressing RMB on the player list (TAB key)
While observing / following mode, report button appears on the timeline (J key)
Added a care package icon changing effect according to the status
The icon will be different when the care package is falling and looted by other players
Adjusted replay system so that now a player can watch the replay without extra delay in the following cases
Solo mode
When the player won the match
When all teammates are eliminated

Bug Fixes
Fixed the issue where when a player lands from the plane the position of character teleports intermittently
Fixed the issue where character animation is frozen when rejoining after a crash
Fixed the issue where the red zone disappears instantly after it formed
Fixed the issue where some vehicles spawned on Miramar are stuck to an object and unable to move
Fixed the issue where a player sometimes couldn’t pass through a door even though it was open
Fixed the issue where mouse cursor would disappear on a replay map
Fixed the issue where when replay and death cam were played, the crosshair was bouncing
Fixed the issue where the falling speed meter text was showing abnormally in Portuguese
Fixed the parachute movement speed issue

New Contents
Added two new crates (free / paid)
You can open the paid crate box with the Early Bird key which is purchasable in Steam market
The below chart shows the crate box drop rate
The new free/paid crate box has a 40% drop rate and the previous crate boxes(Wanderer and Survivor) have a 10% drop rate

DESPERADO (new paid crate box) : 40%
BIKER (new free crate box) : 40%
Wanderer : 10%
Survivor : 10%

The below chart shows the individual drop rate per item that can be earned through the new free/paid crate boxes. (displayed down to two decimal places)

Sleeveless Turtleneck Top (Gray) : 8.00%
Leather Boots (Black) : 8.00%
Punk Knuckle Gloves (Black) : 7.50%
Baggy Pants (Black) : 7.50%
Striped Tank-top : 7.50%
Wide Pants (Red) : 7.50%
Punk Knuckle Gloves (Red) : 7.00%
Sleeveless Turtleneck (Black) : 7.00%
Baggy Pants (Brown) : 5.00%
Long Leather Boots (Brown) : 5.00%
Striped Shirt (Gray) : 5.00%
Beanie (Brown) : 5.00%
Horn-rimmed Glasses (Black) : 4.50%
Training Pants (Light Blue) : 4.50%
Leather Boots (Brown) : 4.50%
Horn-rimmed Glasses (Brown) : 2.50%
Aviator Sunglasses : 1.30%
Checkered Jacket : 1.30%
Long-sleeved Leather Shirt : 0.60%
Leather Hoodie (Black) : 0.32%
Leather Hoodie (White) : 0.32%
Cloth Mask (Leopard) : 0.16%

BIKER items
Long-sleeved T-shirt (Red) : 15.00%
School Shoes (Brown) : 15.00%
Raglan shirt : 10.00%
T-shirt (Pink striped) : 10.00%
Polka Dot T-shirt : 10.00%
Dirty Long-sleeved T-shirt : 10.00%
School Shoes (Black) : 5.00%
Skinny Jeans (Khaki) : 5.00%
Gas Mask (Half) : 4.50%
Beanie (Gray) : 4.50%
Sleeveless Turtleneck (Red) : 4.50%
Skinny Jeans (Pink) : 2.50%
Patrol Cap (Brown) : 1.20%
Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray Striped) : 1.20%
Patrol Cap (Gray) : 0.40%
Biker Pants (Black) : 0.40%
Floral Shirt (White) : 0.26%
Sneakers (Black) : 0.26%
Padded Jacket (Purple) : 0.06%
Princess Power Tank-top : 0.06%
Floral Shirt (Black) : 0.05%
Biker Pants (Gray) : 0.05%
Aviator Goggles : 0.03%
Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Brown) : 0.01%
Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black) : 0.01%
Cloth Mask (Checkered) : 0.01%


Players have until 3:59 pm PT/6:59 pm ET on February 9 to make the claim; in case there’s any doubt, the message emphasizes that “you won’t receive any BP if you click Confirm on the BP reward screen after the BP reward period is over.”

But the responses in the reply thread are focused almost exclusively on something else entirely, and it is, to put it mildly, ugly: 358 pages (and counting) of demands to region lock China. (The thread is also predictably salted with racial slurs, so exercise whatever cautions you feel appropriate before clicking.)


They should regionlock people, but in a bit of a different way. If I’m in EU and my mate is in any other region then the two regions should be usable. Then you do not have squads of people from China or anywhere else playing on a server that is not in their region.


Region locking can be simple. If you want to play with someone outside your region, play on a private/customer server


@mars - saw you on PUBG - hoped you’d join us for a game


Ahh sorry man! Should have sent a message to me, I was on with a mate. I was testing our streaming to twitch so wasn’t doing long games! There’s a chance I’ll be around Sunday evening


good couple of games tonight (with that brief hackery bullshit inbetween).

Game 1 of the evening :smiley:

Came 2nd in Game 3 too :slight_smile:


Boyah. First chicken dinner this evening!


A nice rangefinding video for the 5.56 Assault rifle 4 times scopes.


Nice video and good explanation. Seems quicker to range than the VSS or SVD style scope

I didn’t realise that 200m was below the chevron.


Latest Update from 1.0 Patch 2

Client Optimization:

Reduced lowered performance issue when many players were in the same area

Bug Fixes:

Fixed the issue where character movement was instantly stopped and adjusted
Fixed the issue where character movement seemed unusual during the replay


Second bit of news…

Tencent, PUBG’s Chinese Publisher is crackdown on the cheats

The majority of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC installation base comes from China, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Tencent, the game’s distributor for that region, has started cracking down on cheat software makers there.

Moreover, Tencent has the help of Chinese police to find, ferret out and bust the underground rings behind the bots. So far, the cops have opened at least 30 cases and made more than 120 arrests, reports Bloomberg news.


Lol. Cheating feckers. Throw em in the slammer. Great.


Yay! Adrock with the last 4 kills to win the match!!

Lucky jump and hiding in a barn for the win! Plus 2 create drops on the barn did help


yup, first game of the evening again, more than enough for tonight :smiley:

landed in the center of the area (good call Hammy), checked three modest sets of buildings, hid in a barn that two crates simultaneously dropped on, then went for a jog round a hill and had five really intense minutes at the end.

i need to try and upload the last three minutes.