Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



On a Test Server near you:

Here’s what the changes are:

  • Slightly decreased the waiting time of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase of a match
  • Slightly decreased the shrinking speed of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase (In this phase, blue zones will now move at a slower speed and the travel time of blue zones has slightly increased due to this change)
  • Slightly increased the damage per second of the last blue zone

PUBG Corp plans to keep the changes on test servers for “several days” and make adjustments where necessary. This is just the beginning, too, as the developers notes it’ll be making changes to other areas.

Update on the Cheaters:

“We recently discovered a new pattern of cheats in action. This week, we performed a thorough gameplay data review of 10 million players and completed analysis of tens of millions of data logs,” explains PUBG Corp in this Steam Community post. "Through this exercise, we were able to identify over 100,000 instances of the new pattern related to use of cheat and now we have confirmed that it was clearly an attempt of compromising our game.

“These players will be permanently banned in a single wave. This is an example of additional measures we will be taking on top of the basic detection systems in place. We will continue to check the data logs like this even if it means the anti-cheat team has to filter through hundreds of billions of data logs manually.”


On a lighter note, if you’re a serious player of PUBG then this may interest you…


Good video. Now need one for the Kar98 with 4x and 8x.


KAR98 8x


Also this one:


So it’s not quite a chicken dinner (I’ve finally had a few!), but I thought I’d throw up a video of my gameplay with the boring bits sped up.


Miramar squad dinner with @Crspy @fl3xxxo


Got my first Solo Dinner yesterday. Very pleased.


Uncovered Cheat exposed in PUBG.

Link has the video

Just a few days after PUBG Corp announced its plan to drop the ban hammer on more than 100,000 cheaters in one fell swoop, a new type of cheat appears to have cropped up in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Instead of enabling players to kill better, this one, shared on Reddit by MagicIsBull, enables them to heal better.


Nvidia bits at the start if you have GEforce Experience…


PUBG Test Server Patch Notes (January 23)


Introduced multiple pre-match starting areas on both maps in order to optimize the server and game client performance
Removed weapons on starting island before the match start


Applied new Russian, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified/traditional) fonts

Bug fixes

Fixed the issue where players were able to slide-jump from prone

On Test Servers Only


That seemed fun. Need to try some custom servers.


This is a fun review and worthy of reading if you haven’t played the game before and have reservations…

PUBG is a bloodsport played beneath a pantheon of fickle gods. First, you fall out of heaven. When you hit the ground, you’re immediately praying that the Loot Lords put an SMG or double-barrelled shotgun in your hands. Survive this genesis and exodus, and you’ll redirect your prayers to the Goddess of Circles, whose force field decides who lives and dies. Later you’ll look up to The Crate God (Kratos), hoping for a long-barrelled gift from the sky. Other minor deities govern vehicle fuel levels, 8X scope propagation, and high-tier armor.

I am reminded by a Band of Brothers quote from Lt. Speirs when speaking to Private Blythe in the foxhole before the attack on their lines in episode 2.

“The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you’re already dead”

But I digress…

Here is the link to the review:


Just watch the Video - Livestream for IGN and they find a hacker - the Death Cam is very revealing.


Getting more and more frustrated with this game. Can’t seem to hit a thing with a kar98 at close range but can get taken out while running from side to side by a scar on single shot


Sorry bit late with the news on this as I have been concentrating on the Division.

This latest update marks the third big one PUBG has received since leaving Early Access on PC back in December, though it appears to be fairly minor on the surface. It doesn’t introduce any new features or content to the game; instead, it focuses primarily on optimizing PUBG’s performance without tweaking its gameplay.


Game still suffering from ping and hit reg issues for me. That and fucking bunny hopping! That is really starting to piss me off


I will get back into this after The Division event finishes…

Bunny hoping is annoying but you just have to get used to it and work out how to combat it.


That would be ok if the hit reg and ping issues where not there. Game still needs a lot of work


I read somewhere that this year will be spent by the Dev Teams to “perfecting, optimising and getting a fully polished game” before they think about PUBG 2.0

So here’s hoping!