I thought there would probably already be a thread up!

I burned through ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’ and have relistened a bunch of times trying to find another one I like.

I’m really fussy and find it really hard to enjoy a podcast or youtube channel where the voice is annoying so I don’t listen many, but I recently found ‘Darknet Diaries’ which is all about the darker side of tech. Super interesting stuff.

What about you guys? I get most of the rest of this kind of content from people I sub to on youtube.

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I don’t listen to a wide range of things, but the few that I am subscribed to have more content that I need to keep me going.

The Independent Characters (200+ episodes, all about 2-3 hours long).

The Joe Rogan Experience (fuck knows how many. Just for the sheer range).

The Habitat (8 episodes, short, but interesting).


I can’t believe I forgot IndieCharacters!

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Would like to listen to more podcasts. But for some reason just dont get round to it, so will watch this topic with interest.

Started listening to one called “Reply All” First one was about service in america where you can send a message through a complete stranger. Like a person turns up and asks who you are then acts out the message someone has paid to be delivered. Was quite funny. Some girl sent a stocky blonde american dude to her ex BF she loved him.


Face Jam.

Three idiots attempt to review fast food.

Notice I said “attempt”.


The weekly planet : comic book/ movie news and reviews. Two australian guys very funny

Filthy casuals: gaming news and reviews three Australian guys also very funny.

Triple jump: gaming news. two british guys Ben and peter who used to work for what culture.

Speakers of hydaelyn: Final fantasy XIV podcast


The 2000AD Thrill-Cast
Nuff said.

Kermode on Film
Mark Kermode talks film with some great interviews.

The official Danko Jones Podcast
It’s Danko Jones, talking music, often with musicians.

Surely You Can’t Be Serious
2 American guys pick a subject from pop culture of the 80’s 90’s and chat (I recommend the 3 Van Halen episodes, my shout-out makes it the best :wink: )

No Such thing as a Fish
Random information from the research teams behind QI

Dan Snow’s History Hit
Mostly very interesting, some a bit boring, some fascinating. It’s history.

Athletico Mince
Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson seem to be using football as a launch point for all kinds of allegories. I know nothing of football, but for a back-ground noise with occasional hillarous asides this is a surprise one for me. Love Bob Mortimer.