Possibly the most over-the-top (no pun) company/product/marketing EVER

This is actually a thing.

It’s a spinning top.

Check out their video. Their product will change your life.


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makes sense to me i think. Market it to high end consumers as a premium product. ( executives and the like ) Whats the alternative to this? cheap ones from a toy shop or gadget place? something like the Newton’s Cradle things you can get.

Gap in the market make some money and fill it.

But yeah can see it’s a bit over the top as a piece of PR

This will fucking WRECK people coming out of watching Inception…


yeah, that was my first thought too

Welcome to the world of high end spinning tops for grown ups. I stumbled over other products reviews mainly stemming from the EDC knife community. Yours seems to be the Apple of Spinning Top manufactures.

Its hilarious watching grown up man discussing the advantages of one spinning top over another and also sort of calming. Never bought one but I appreciate the marvelous machining showcased on some of them. Its a rabbit hole really and far more prominent than one would think designed, for the edc crowd with more money than is healthy.


Pretty much sums it up :smiley:

drop tries to sell me the vorso ones every few months together with a special ‘super low friction’ tray that been laser-etched with some design that makes it look like a fancy coaster (because that’s effectively what it is).

Like Zorn’s said, the EDC market is crazy for creating unnecessarily premium products for the sake of people being able to display their disposable cash.

Super premium fidget spinners? check.

Super premium sporks? check

A lightweight pocket carryable grappling hook that’s designed for weights of 3lbs and carries warnings saying it should not be used as a grappling hook in any way? check.

How about this absolutely indispensable ‘keyring’?


sorry, key ‘organizer’.