Powerline Adaptors - Electric Internets?

Does anyone have any experience with these? We were going to buy some out in Italy due to having to bounce the internet through about 3 wifi repeaters to get it to the top floor, but realised thought the electrics wouldn’t cope well…

Basically it seems you plug your ethernet cable into a special wall plug and the cables in the house all carry the internet. Then you have another of these plugs in whichever room you need the interwebs, plug an outgoing ethernet cable there and you’re good to go - no wifi interferences to worry about.

I’m looking at THIS ONE on amazon for ease of payment and delivery.

Anyone else use these/heard good/bad things?

I used the tplink ones in my old place. Work brilliant as long as the electric wiring is good.


Cheers Hammy - I don’t suppose there’s any way to test the wiring before throwing 35 quid at the wall??

How modern is your house? As long as they are on the same loop (most houses only have one) they will work. Cant run on extension leads. Top tip, plug in to 2 beside each other when pairing.

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It must be like late 60’s, early 70’s at best…but this wifi extender is just crippling my speeds…

I’ll risk it for a biscuit :cookie:

Used them before. Personally, they were a MASSIVE improvement over shit WiFi. Having said that, they can be a little temperamental, and up to a point you get what you pay for.

In practice I’d highly recommend them, but echo Hammy’s sentiment that it’s highly dependent on your house’s wiring. A lot of ‘they just don’t work’ trouble can be sourced to that. Unfortunately, that’s hard to check, so I’d say go for it. The potential gain is worth the gamble.


You had me at “MASSIVE” you beautiful man…

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I have a 4 of the Ethernet over powerline boxes. Used them for years now. Can’t remember what they are now as I’m not home. They do depend on your wiring but should still be better than Wifi. If you are getting these get atleast the 200Mb ones, if you cheap out on the really slow ones you are going to regret it. Top tip is that if you have an entertainment area where you need lots of heads, you can get some that have one end with a 4 way hub(works great for TV area).


Thanks for the advice peoples - I’ve gone for the 1000 mbps one because numbers…

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Used them in 4 different houses. Never had an issue. That includes old as fuck wiring in Bath housing!

Wired up the house so 3 housemates plus me are all through the powerlines. They are a bloody godsend.

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I have them in my home too… helps TV/Bluray keep up-to-date with updates in three rooms

Weird one for you: Hugferdi(Christos) once told me about his adaptors and how thr Belkin software was picking up adaptors/networks that weren’t his…

Dunno how that even works and neither did Belkin support.

I have heard of this, normally in flats/apartments where they are all on the same wiring loop

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Yes, same loop. Could also have issues the other way around if you have several loops in your own place. I secure mine with a password so even if there were any other devices they would not get on my network.

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Ok so from being consistently throttled at around 2.5 meg speeds max, this is a wonderful improvement. And so easy to set up!



I wish for such speeds :frowning:

Congrats on the upgrade :smiley: Less lag now in WT, no excuses any more! :smiley:


What are your internal connection speeds? I’m getting 170 down and 100 up internally on my 200mb kit.

How do I figure that out?

Well… I haven’t had to use a Powerline Adaptor for a while now … However, I do have a 500Mbps pair… Which I have now had to use (due to moving desk into another room across the hall)… My download speed has been crippled from 200Mbps+ to around 41Mbps. My upload speed hasn’t really been effected.

Spoon just move files from one device to another. That is the way I checked it. Also you should see the speeds on the nic.