Prime Day Deals 2019

It’s Prime day! where products are reduced to their actual value to excite people into thinking they are getting a bargain!

Post any deals that you think are good.

SSDs are a “thing” again. 1TB Samsung for £99.99 basically means everyone should have an SSD for everything these days.


That’s a deal and a half! Might very well get one today.

Pricing on RAM and SSDs is going to be going up. Japan has raised the tax on some of the raw materials required to make them. Something to do with some politics.

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dropped another 50


This is a great deal - might get it myself as I’m ending my full adobe package next renewal.

Any use to you @NaloaC?

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Perfect for those wanting to step into Audiophile listening at home.

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This is actually a good deal - down to £98

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Ah, they’re all Prime deals, as the name would suggest. Duh! I am not a prime member, therefore I cannot avail of these offers.

anything in particular you were after?

Ah, was just looking at that SSD, but I’m going to try and consolidate my work data off this machine so that I have a proper split from work on this machine as opposed to it being a jack of all trades.

DJI - Mavic Pro Combo Platinum (UK Version) - Portable Drone | 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera | Enhanced Endurance | High-end Flight Performance | HD Photos & Videos | Incl. 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries

£849 down from £899 - Previously £1259

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Anybody spotted any decent USB DAC+headphone amplifiers on deal? Been low-key hunting around for one…

There are a few on there. But I am in no position to say what is “decent”. I would imagine really good audio stuff doesn’t get reduced on Prime Day sales.

S.M.S.L M3 is doing the job for me looks to be just under 64 pound at the moment. You would have to see if it has enough power to drive your kit.
If you are going for dirt cheap then that Syba USB 2.0 should do the job, but it looks like the first link on amazon(from the link Jester posted) is not really a discounted price for it.
In any case have a look:

smsl make some decent kit, i’ve got two of their class Ts driving speakers on my desk and for my bedroom TV. They also have a pretty massive range. I’ve not used any of their DACs but the amps i’ve used have given me no grief.

I’ve often gotten recommendations for stuff to try from head-fi, but fair warning, it is to headphones what discogs is to vinyl; a massive wallet devouring black hole.


Prime dayyyy


Great for Switch users… Should say £17.99

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