Project cars 2 on Steam - 50% discount

This weekend - ends on 12March. 40% dsicount on the deluxe edition.

I’m in :slight_smile:

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Good deal.

Also available even cheaper from: - Project Cars 2 Deluxe

Deluxe version £34.99 (Steam £41.99)

FECK! Luckily I’ve not actually bought it yet…

As ever, Ta, Jes :heart_eyes:

So, half hour of trying to buy from CD keys, can’t. “Shopping basket is empty”. Every. Single. Time. No option to add to cart, just a gert big “Buy Now” button. Pressed. "Shopping Cart is Empty
You have no items in your shopping cart.

Click here to continue shopping." :rage:

Figured it… Need to log in first…


11 hours to download… :neutral_face:

Managed to fetch my thrustmaster wheel and pedals fing - got it on, updated etc, fannied about with settings from tinterweb (not really tweaked owt for my own benefit yet) - feck me. SUCH a difference! The ridiculously snappy Clio cup is now driveable! Brands hatch INdy, first corner, 50% spin or losing over a second with controller. With wheel, is far, far easier, more accurate. 10 laps, one spin only - first lap, cold tyres.
Brill. Tomorrow hopefully I get more time to try it. And will get pedals arranged (or position changed) too, hopefully!