So I’m sure like many of you, you’ve had old tech to sell. Phones, Tablets etc etc.

I usually use to get a good price as they compare many different recycling providers. Up until now, I’ve had no issue. Until I tried to sell my tablet to

My tablet, albeit, an iPad 3, is in perfect condition. I even have the box. They offered around £80 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

I sent it off, and 5 days later they came back to me. Apparently the screen was heavily damaged with chips, the back was damage and it had no parts like power cables etc.


They offered me £45. I told them to fuck off. I’m guessing they that taking advantage of people who are desperate for cash and probably won’t have a choice to decline the offer (or can’t be bother to wait).

The sent the unit back. Luckily it is in the condition I sent it.

My advice - steer well clear of this company. Their reviews on trustpilot (that I should have checked before using them myself) are shocking. By comparison, the compareandrecycle website gave them nearly 5 stars. Ha! Joke. I added my review to Trustpilot too.