PSA: Uplay account 2FA/Password change

It appears @MicJules has had the same thing happen to him that happened with my account - unauthorised access to his account without a password reset or account information change.

You might call two times a conincidence but I’d highly recommend that you all switch on 2FA on your Uplay (and any other accounts for that matter) and think about a password change.

I’m going to go hunting around about this specific issue and post up on the Ubisoft reddit page to see if it is just a conincidence and a shared opsec issue on mine and Mic’s end or something a bit wider on Ubsofts end.


2FA now set up on uplay. Also did my gmail account. Going to look in to this more for other stuff


Interesting… @vredesbyrd wonder if we appear?


Can’t figure out a way of checking this since I’m particularly suspicious of turning off my plugins to view the site properly and its in Russian so I can’t read it and Google can’t seem to translate it.

Search combinations of lolzteam and what I think my username was before it was changed doesn’t present anything but it might have been de-listed from Google or can’t be searched or something else.

I wonder how those accounts were hacked…

This week I’m going to do a full overhaul of all my security stuff and change all of my passwords regardless and switch 2FA on on everything I possibly can.

Any sites I can activate 2FA on I’ll post up in case any of you have account with the same people so you can consider doing so as well.

I’m also thinking about the security on my phone since it will have my authenticator on there for some sites and would be a weak link in the chain if I lost or it was stolen - apparently some accounts are completely lost if that happens and you have 2FA on, Uplay being one in particular.

configure 2FA using multiple authenticators n.b. you probably need to reconfigure them whenever you change/replace either device.

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I’ve done uplay, gmail and Amazon. Gmail works with phone number other 2 with Google authenticator. Was wondering what happens when you change phone.

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Might be worth a shot or I have a 30 day wait :angry:

Well wiped my phone, forgot to turn off 2fa for uplay. Now cant sign in to you play beside I cant 2fa. They want me to use a recovery code, which you get from your account, which I cant sign into because I dont have 2fa.

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