Pub? And werdz

PUB! :grin:

Moar werdz…



Well that could have gone better!

Geez Pantehs! What you get up to?

Bloody hell Pants! You ok?

J00 been drinking and riding?

Oi Brenda, WTF! :open_mouth:
You alright fella?

Yeh, all good! Bit sore. Headbutted and punched twice. :roll_eyes:

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Fuck dude. Glad you’re ok first and foremost.

What happened?

Nob in the pub just wanted to cause aggro.


Hell man, just glad you’re ok fella. Get some ice on that face!

Glad j00 OK phantz

Don’t be a dick, if not being a dick, kill with love :smiley:

Jeezus pantehs. Hate to see the state of the other guy. Be safe. :kissing_heart: