PUBG Suing Fortnite

Fortnite sued for ‘copying’ rival game PUBG. PUGB saying it has copied its intellectual property

Funny as they neither “invented” the Battle Royal genre, they copied another game too. This won’t lead anywhere. There is nothing special to their own game, its generic as it gets they just got lucky it got so popular to begin with.

They already tried suing other more obvious chinese ripoffs and couldn’t make anything stick as most of their own assets are based on the Unreal Engines content.


I just invented a wheel. I’m now suing Ford and General Motors.

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Does that mean they will go after CoD for putting it in their new game?

TBH, I think they are going after a few things in the game more than the game mode. Still, its a fucking joke.

stinks of some lawyers trying to justify their existence; try to kick up enough of a fuss or come up with enough points you can sell as being ‘relevant’ to whatever court/official they can find who lacks any relevant experience or understanding in order to get some kind of settlement, or drag it through whichever legal system for the sake of the billable hours you can rack up over the months/years.



This just in, Call of Duty is now suing Call of Duty for copying each game over the last 10 years.

It’s just a publicity stunt to get more interest back in PUBG. I’ve not enjoyed it for a long time now. Fortnite I can have a laugh and the challenges you get through purchasing the battlepass make it quite fun.


It was matter of time until better games come along which do the same concept, but better. It doesn’t help they barely improved their connectivity issues, bugs or simply added new content. On the other side Fortnite got almost a constant 30Hz tickrate running whereas PUBG ist still at 8Hz. Don’t get me wrong, I hate how the Fortnite Developer handeled the PvE part of the game and I will always dispise them for their actions. But they have the PvP part figured out now with the headstart by Epic. Still dicks though.

BlueHole on the other side were just lazy, or mistaken in their approach for using big updates rather then lots of small incremental ones. Putting effort into the stupid mobile mode rather than fixing their bloody game. Now it caught up with them and they try to cash in some publicity. Because over E3 the Battle Royale flood gates will open … and some of them look like much better alternatives to PUBG if you don’t like the Fortnite art- or playstyle.

At this rate DayZ, Wastelands, Epoch, Exile, etc have grounds to sue on account of them all being pretty much the same game with varying degrees of persistence.

I get asked by kids at work all the time if/why I don’t play PUBG/Fortnite and my answer is always the same: I got bored of that style of gameplay playing the free DayZ and Wastelands mods.

Could you imagine Ensemble suing Mad Doc over similaritirs between Age of Empires and Empire Earth? By PUBG Corps reasoning Ensemble have more of a right to sue Mad Doc because Empire Earth shares mechanics, settings, gameplay, content AND has a similar title…despite the fact that it had all been done dozens of times before either AOE or EE were even pipe dreams.

Desperate silliness.

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