/r/StarWarsBattlefront: "Seriously? I paid 80$ to have Vader locked?"

Kate just showed me this:

From this thread.

Quote from the EA Community team is currently sitting on 461k+ downvotes and oddly 44 gold (for those who don’t know, you buy ‘Reddit gold’ with real money that supposedly goes to paying for servers - people then assign this ‘gold’ like a badge to posts they particularly enjoy or think are useful or otherwise valuable).

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The comment has broken the Reddit record for most downvoted comment by a hilarious margin - link

  • Previously most downvoted comment: -24k

  • EA community team score: -463k and counting (jumped from -461k to -463k since I posted the thread)

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Holy shit, up to -465k in the 2 minute since I posted my last comment.

Well, turns out there is lots of bullshit in SW:BF2:

“Gamespot purchases $100 worth of loot crates, ends up with less than half the amount of credits needed to unlock Darth Vader and Luke. 40 hours or $260 to unlock one of the main characters in Star Wars.” - link

Referring to this article and the embedded video - link - titled: “Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Microtransactions Are A Real Problem; Here’s What $100 Does To Progression”

They are going to need a PR mastermind of epic proportions to save some face from this!

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Just hit -473k downvotes from -463k in the 35 minutes since I posted up.

One major issue I have with what is going on, something I find disgusting:

@NaloaC: You’ll have to give Chuckles a shout and see how he’s fairing with all this.

I have and am awaiting a response.

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Three hours later, -461k to -532k and counting from my original post.

Even EA can’t ignore this however much happenings on Reddit are trivialised by some.

Edit: Another 5k in 20 minutes.

People are starting to discuss what will happen if this flops, speculating what it’ll do to the industry should EA’s boundary pushing machinations fail.

I reckon EA will make a few adjustments to make just enough of the pissed off people happy and everything will either be forgotten about or buried under a mountain of people shitting on anyone who brings what is happening right now up.

Really though, I have no dog in this specific fight, only in the wider dislike of EA’s ruthless and progressively predatory approach to things.

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Battlefront was dead from the beginning for me anyway. The first game became boring after 1h of playing the beta: and what I saw from ver. 2 didn’t improve my opinion. It is plagued with the same one sided balancing. Get a hero, dominate everything else! Sure fun if you are the hero player, but what if you are at the short end of the stick and getting slaughtered?

This is beside the other bullshit they tried out with the overpowered card system and the microtransaction they wanted to shove into this.

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I didnt mid the 1st one. Heroes where a bit OP but then thats why they are heroes and everyone would be complaining if you could one shot Luke. New game has changed how you get heroes, so you earn them instead of them being pick ups. It should work better.

Have read a bit of how much the unlocks cost, and I can see why they are kicking off about it. I read some where that it would take 40 hours play time to get the ingame money to unlock Darth (Not including challenges) which is a bit of a joke. Ea are meant to be looking into changing the amount as they based it on the beta testing. But this could work in our favour, as its it could be the start of the no more micro transactions campaign.

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I dunno, part of me can’t help feeling like it’s not THAT different to having to play a long time to get a fancy new gun - which has been standard fare in multiplayer shooters for over a decade.

I don’t really mind if Darth Vader actually feels like a rare thing to see for a while and something that is actually exciting to unlock.

I get that some people oppose unlocks on principle, that’s perfectly fine. I’m not too convinced though, by the argument that if something is particularly exciting it should be free to play from the start. That rather limits unlocks to only things that are not interesting.

The buying loot crates thing I do agree is dodgy though. Still it seems not to be a very efficient way of unlocking these either, according to the gamespot article (which, admittedly, I very briefly skimmed)

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EA says the number of credits required will now be reduced by 75%.

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I’ve had the feeling for a while now gamers on the internet in general for the most part seem to be self entitled whiny bitches. Never complained about having to play hours on end to get a new gun in CoD4 or grind for mouths in WoW to get a full set of raid gear. I didn’t mind the idea of having to wait a while for unlocking something keeps the game in my mind with a constant goal. A good example of the opposite of this is Destiny 2 ( not meant to be a D2 hate thing) after 2 weeks of play i have near top gear in most slots and aside from a raid that is hard to get people together for i have maxed out the content i can do, seems star wars was gonna strech it out over a longer time to keep people engaged and like thay have with EVERY battlefield game have shortcuts in lootboxs? sure thats fine just seems alot of fuss over something that could have been looked at after a few weeks of full release and seeing the numbers for real

sorry fi that seemed ranty or rambly i just needed to get my thoughts out there as Reddit is a whine bunch of bitches atm and just can’t a step back calm down and say it;s just a game.


They’re doing an AMA on wednesday now too

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I’m not taking what @Reno and @DM501 have from this, but I do see where you are both coming from - there is a lot of just whining about the characters being locked away - end of - not even really talking about what it takes to unlock them or why that might be the case. I do agree that using characters/weapons/attachments as part of the progression system is fine even if it takes some effort to unlock some of that content - it’s what keeps players coming back as Reno alluded to - although I do have a line in the sand for what I will put up with to access certain content that might be core to a gaming experience.

Where I’m seeing the focus of this is the level of monetisation going on and how design of core mechanics seems to have been influenced by what I feel is over-monetisation of an already very lucrative franchise. Paid-for Shortcuts are and have been a thing in many games for a while but it is an element that I very much disagree with, siding with something Jim Sterling said that having progression shortcuts is almost like the developers/publishers are saying their content isn’t worth our time. There are arguments there about players who are late to the party, etc that I’m not discounting.

But, as hinted at by EA and now - I feel - demonstrated by their flip of a switch 75% reduction in unlock cost, the monetisation is what is driving the design decisions. If it wasn’t and they are able to change things so drastically at the drop of a hat what impact does that have on balance? At what point did balance and unlock cost meet and were they developed simultaneously or did one precede the other? Maybe it will impact balance and that is something that people will discover after throwing a tantrum and getting their way. Time will tell.

What I’ve read about how the progression and loot box system works (and with healthy dose of cynicism and bias against EA, I’ll freely admit), I’m inclined to believe that the progression and unlock system was built from the ground up to facilitate microtransations and loot boxes. Some of the information that has come out of the Visceral studio closure and a few other articles giving insight in to EA’s internal business practices support this in my opinion, summed up almost entirely by their new phrasing for their projects “Games as a service”. That stinks of subscriptions, micropayments and other kinds of paid-for extra content built with a focus on generating more revenue rather than more than a cursory focus on adding content and extending enjoyment - generating more revenue and making the content valuable and meaningful don’t seem to go hand in hand when this level of monetisation is present. It seems to be all the money for mostly chaff content or only some of the money for meaningful content, no one seems to have cracked the CD Projekt Red formula in finding a middle ground.

EA are a business who aim to make as much money as possible through the medium of games, they have share holders to please and a lot of people to keep fed, they’ll do what keeps the lights on and share holders happy even it it means they’re not getting as gushy about loving games as I do.

I’ve accepted that at this point and choose to minimise the cash I put in their pockets at the expense of probably enjoyable content because I disagree with how they do what they do - I just find it interesting when such a contentious subject comes to a head like this and I’m fascinated to see how it plays out.

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To be fair, I’d say their sudden 75% reduction in required credits has less to do with the underlying balance being an irrelevant construction in order to facilitate microtransactions, and more to do with a panicked snap-decision to try and mitigate massive bad word-of-mouth on a tentpole game release. One motivation I will definitely credit EA with is the belief that no abstract concept like game balance is worth risking their game being a financial flop over :smiley:

Overall, I ‘feel’ like the core issue is that unlock systems that were regarded as fairly normal ‘RPG’ elements in FPS’s are now communicating a much more unpleasant motivation thanks to the presence of a real-money element. If you remove the real-money ‘alternate route’ then this particular unlock doesn’t strike me as particularly abnormal. The fact that you CAN shortcut your way with an infusion of cash immediately raises the hackles, though - understandably.


Two sentences getting to the route of my problem with the system in question…I’ll PM you my brainfarts in future so you can edit me down from my meandering walls of text.

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well put vred, regrades to micro transactions i do buy some loot boxs in games but only if

  1. i think the game is worth it.
  2. what contained in it is worth it.

Overwatch i’l drop a bit here and there for some cosmetics same as heroes of the storm as they contain stuff i would like faster but the crates in BF1 and 4 i couldn’t give a piss about as i will get stuff eventually like it is in star wars thats my view any hoo


Jesus christ, it’s gotten to -660k downvotes.

I would have thought it would have come under brigading rules by this point…

nail on the head there; EA are listed, so the only product they have is their share price. Everything else, the publishing, the development, the buying and closing studios, all of it is perception management to keep their only product as competitive as possible.


And they’re doing just fine.

specifically on battlefront 2; I’m not a fan of the heroes mechanic, the way it’s unlocked or accessed, or how it imbalances the game. I just want a battlefield game in the star wars universe thanks.Ignoring the weaponry issue, if every battle was settled by the same handful of individuals, no one would bother turning up.

At this point i feel they need to be more open about how contrived every star wars battle is; it’s a conflict that shouldn’t take place (some asshole says ‘attack this, blow up that’ without any larger plan), usually over nothing (neither side ‘wins’ anything), they involve the death of hundreds of unnamed grunts, and they happen solely to provide a backdrop for the struggle between a few egomaniacs (because god dammit stories told on a galactic scale should be about four to six people at most), who then settle their fight between themselves, presumably proud that everyone around them has died for no raisin.

Seriously, who joins the rebel alliance? Until episode IV, they hadn’t even got the ‘wait for a young space wizard to turn up and kill the dragon’ part of their plan down, then he turns up on their doorstep with a war vet, a space princess, and a couple of thieves who drive a souped up space transit van and suddenly they’re all ‘and the child shall lead them’. If you weren’t a budding young space wizard, would you want to be a part of that?

RIP Biggs Darklighter; you should’ve stayed on Tatooine.