R6 Chimera new operators

New operators.

Basically built in hacks. Wall hack and health regen. Takes need for reporting I guess.

So an over hyped Doc, and a attacking Cav ability. Looks interesting but maybe not enough to get me back playing it.

I miss gaming…

Haven’t even loaded the game since the beginning of the year

Load it up. Il have a blast with you later if you like. Sure @adrock and @hammy may join.

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I’ve told her that just because I’m injured it shouldn’t stop her playing…


I’ll jump on later in the week (if I remember how 2step verification works)

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New co-op mode

Looks ok. Bit disappointing its only 3 players . Still, be good for a blast. When is this actually available?

wtf - did this change?! I thought it was originally 4 players?!

I’m sure I whinged that it was only 4 players and not 5…

Might be the final nail for me. I was going to come back and play this mode but limited to three sounds like a recipe for akward teamspeak politeness about who is going to play or avoidance of play because three people are already on.

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Tbh I don’t think i looks that great plus it’s only a 4 week event. Its not making me want to play r6 again in any way though I will prob give it a go at some point just to see what it’s like.

This is out tomorrow, would expect a big patch. I might give it a go for a change up but cant see it pulling me back in.

14GB! Wtf. Things just getting crazy. Dl has started but was stating 11 hours!!

I have been trialling a new system for game downloads today. Starting with steam. Using my external hdd and works wifi! Used BFBC2 as a trial. 7.7GB took about 3 or 4 minutes. Gonna try with origin and Ubi tomorrow to see if I can get the game files over to pc alright.
Not sure if Il get away with likes a 80gb cod DL though.

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This!! Holy crap. I’ll see if I can get it downloaded and try and join you for a game end of the week, jes is still unable to sit at the desk :frowning:

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Had a quick blast with adrock. It’s fun but as adrock pointed out it’s just like any other zombie hored game like left for dead or killing floor. Be good for a blast but not sure it will bring me back to r6

I wouldn’t have expected a 4 week ‘event’ to really bring you back to R6. I would have thought the new operators and any gameplay changes might do that? Did you try the game itself at all? I think my game installed ok over night, but my net was down again this morning. So may have issues to sort when i get home. Otherwise be up for a game later tonight.

Can’t unlock the new ops for another week as i don’t have the season pass. And tbh their powers seem a little op. Will give it a go, but as we know its full of dicks and you do need nearly a full squad to make it good.

cant log onto my account to DL the update.
set up 2 step verification, not on current phone, cant find recovery passwords and cant login to contact support… great

I’ve it set up and it only asked me for it the 1st time I logged in straight away after it.

oh sorted and updated…

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