R6 Siege Ranked!. Do It

Has to be done.

No dicks!!

Well that aint true. It is actually a totally different type of dick,

So, normally we have the opposition giving us grief! “Your clan sucks!”, “cns”, etc. But on Ranked! On Ranked, its your own team! giving you the Grief! lol

“Go play casual” was my favourite! Seriously, you cannae win. I play casual I am a “Tryhard” I play a bit drunkenly on ranked, I should play casual.

Some dude was seriously giving his team grief on Voice chat, proper arm chair commander stlyle @adrock but on R6!! And when I told him to chill and get a life he almost through a fit!!! Jeez!! ranked life on R6 is serious.

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How I imagine everyone in ranked or competitive matchmaking these days when they’re giving orders:


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And this is why R6S is getting a name for having toxic as hell player base