R6 threadly deadly

General R6 thread start.

Actual first post: I’ve just figured out that you can have infinite claymores in terrorist hunt bomb mode.

Just keep going to the resupply and planting claymores before you plant the defuser.

Scummy, but I’ve just won four terrorist hunt bomb games because of claymore spam so I don’t care.


I now also love Capitao.

He has an M249.

I like Dakka.



Used the claymore trick a few times. Though normally get annoyed after putting down about 10


O the subject of R6S, Its getting very samey to me, and frustrating, hence why ive been giving it a break. I might do what we did last time and give it a miss for a few months or at least not hammer it every time i’m on.

Jumped on the reddit for it for the 1st time in ages the other day, and all it is is thread after thread of people complaining about team killing and the toxic players. It seems the whole “competitive shooter” aspect of a game brings all the douches to the yard.


what is this code, penguins are taking over the world!

Something I noticed in the second to last game on Kanal - three of those guys had totally normal pings (40-60ms) right up until the round started and then all of them jumped to be between 130-140.

I smell something fishy.

Ping is and has been an on going complaint by not just us but most of the r6 community. It’s a bloody joke. Ping filters are needed badly.

I’m getting more and more annoyed at this game. I know I keep threatening to uninstall the game, but the only reason i’ve not is that you all still play it. BUT, I am going to stop playing for a while. Dont know what it is, but recently it’s felt really shitty, dont know if its the changes or the player base but I find myself getting annoyed after the 1st round.

1st time in a long time I enjoyed R6S last night, might be because we where not playing against douche bags.

Nothing to do with the two 3-0 wins

I think we need a ZiiP R6 footage montage to this song:

Lots of footage of those insane shots and crazy round winners you all pull off. Maybe a little bit of LMG Vred footage thrown in.

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