R6S Blood Orchid Mid Season Reinforcement patch notes

Way too much to list in here so here’s the link.


BIG changes to kapkan! Now a 2 speed op, with 5 traps but they now only do 60/50/40 damage depending on armor rating and are harder to see.

Blitz getting a buff, which will make him a bigger cunt.

Ela is losing a mine and her SMG is getting more recoil.

Also some net code updates

Kapkan mines will vanish over time - awesome.

Setup a shield on a door, but a welcome mat (or two) behind it, and a kapkan above it… lockdown! - Makes IQ even more useful.

Blitz will now be able to run whilst shielded… so expect them rushing you now, flashing and then melee.

I hope the netcode sorts peekers bonus.

This is going to suck so much.

Still damage to the mat/shield to consider though.

I’d like more clarification on the solo terrorist hunt renown gain - is it as simple as: The longer you take to complete the mission the less renown you get?

If that is the case, then I think it sucks. Doing it solo WILL take longer and having more time in solo helps (at least with me) try out different strategies and explore different approaches on maps. Kinda of irritating.

I’m a little annoyed that this isn’t their sole focus. Yes some balancing needs to be done to different chars, but since they plan to released loads of chars there will always be a need to tweak the balancing making it an on-going priority. The ping and netcode issues should be a bloody Code Red priority that they drop everything for, at least in my opinion.

Going to be home in about an hour for some Terrorist Hunting if any one fancies joining me? Going to go solo otherwise.

I’m at home atm. Boiler being serviced. Depending on how long it takes will see if I go back to work so might be able to jump on.

Though I don’t think the patch has been released yet. Not checked that out

Had to come back to work, though patch not out until 4ish.

Patch size: 598.64mb

downloaded in about 15 seconds… :smiley: (sorry, not sorry. bit sorry.)

Just tried Kapkan… I’m going to be fighting you for him again Vred lol :stuck_out_tongue: - Tripwires are fucking INVISIBLE. :slight_smile: Mwahahaha

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I’ll Castle if there is no Scott otherwise Smoke, Bandit or Doc!

Hell, I might even grab a few of the others like Valk, Frost, Rook or Stupid Shorts Man!

On in a mo.

Shorts man is mine, and yes I know how that sounds

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They’ve fucked up terrorist hunt. gone from getting 180/240 rep per mission to 36…

I enjoyed the missions, but the small amount of rep it was giving out was also nice, now it’s just soured it for me.

I’m really not happy with these changes now, nothing feels right any more.

I don’t get it.

First, last night could have been a red wine induced blip. But I wasn’t trashed and the game felt really shit. Couldn’t get the drop on anyone.

I don’t get how Ubi can now say “Hey look guys, we’re showing you your actual ping now! … they’re really 60ms lower than you thought” - and STILL matchmake against people with 150-300+ pings.

fucking ridiculous. Nothing has improved.

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im about for the next hour if anyone fancys a quick game

From a mixture of conjecture and some insight from legitimate games industry mates, I truly believe that a barebones team is handling this stuff.

R6, even with microtransactions, simply doesn’t make Ubi enough money to exist as a self-established title.

Their upkeep of the game is an attempt to emulate Steam’s early days by keeping a core set of heavily trafficed but under-monetised games in their focus until they’ve got their perpetual-revenue machine running.

Only problem is, Ubi still have a very ‘console’ mindset about everything, including thier PC footprint.

My several cents on the matter.

I’ll keep playing because I love you guys, but much more of this and all love will be lost with R6 for me.

R6s has suffered from being bigger than Ubisoft ever thought! They put all their eggs in the division and it’s known that it’s only a small team that works on r6s.

[quote=“vredesbyrd, post:14, topic:329, full:true”]I’ll keep playing because I love you guys, but much more of this and all love will be lost with R6 for me.

Same from me. The game is definitely more fun when it is with you guys.

I think their teams are more focused on Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry (although this seems to be waining) and some of their newer ventures.

I think they’ve got a barbones footprint with Division as well.

Their dev teams might start out with the intention of creating great games, but publishers are money hungry scumbags who don’t care about us beyond our bank balances - one of EA’s top execs is a fucking Icecream saleswomen for rucks sake. How the fuck is that relevant in any way but a purely business context?

It isn’t.

Gaming has graduated from an art form to a financial investment and is more the latter than the former at this point.

Not sure how Hayley got the renown she did since patch, but I’m only getting 36 renown no matter how I complete a Terrorist Hunt.

From reading, anyone playing closed lobby or Lonewolf should be getting heavily reduced rep with some discussion of complete removal down the line.