RAGE 2 – Official E3 Gameplay Feature

I’m sure we had a Rage 2 thread, but canny find it!!

Looks bloody awesome to me!


I actually enjoyed Rage for the single playthrough I was able to get it working properly.

On release it was fucked, went back a few years later and nearly 100%'d it, went back later on last year and it was back to how it was on release for me.

Looking forward to this still though.

Oh man! I remember the HORRID texture pop in. I don’t think I ever got round to playing it cause of that.

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Rage is a fun game.

This one also looks like a very fun game.

I like fun games. This is probably a buy.


I only just got round to watching the “Pre-Beta” gameplay vid. Saw on YouTube and thought it was new. Fuck that looks hella fun!!