Rainbow 6 Siege New Op : Lesion

This is some game play from the TTS of the new operator Lesion. I’m liking the look of him but going by this video he does seem a bit OP. Traps are invisible to the other team but marked though walls.


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Getting 3 looks a little OP.

Why my game not look that good? lol

3 traps? Try 7 over the round. Start with 2 and then a cool timer until the next one is ready.

Oh shit. Ok, that’s nuts.

I suppose it is no different to frost traps in regard to giving your location away and being hit.

IQ is a must now… as is Thatcher. Can EMP destroy them?

IQ is looking like a must pick now, as the other new defender also has traps. Not sure if Thatcher can destroy them.

Difference with the frost traps is you get no on screen indicator where they are. Though Lesion’s traps dont down you, just slow you down and blur your vision until you remove them (or a set time, just not sure on that one)

So they don’t actually hurt you? That’s not too bad… just get in the habit of hitting the deck - maybe throwing a flashbang to stun everyone else around you if you’re already stunned yourself.

From r6s wiki

Gu mines are throwable devices that deploy on the floor and stick any attacker who steps on them with a poison needle.
Getting stuck causes visual distortion — sort of a swampy, queasy filter — and does damage over time as the needle remains in your leg. Attackers can either fight through the disorientation and take the damage, or they can follow the on-screen prompt to remove the needle from their leg, lowering their gun and leaving themselves vulnerable in the process.

Getting stuck by the needles deals an initial 10 damage, followed by 8 periodically. Until removed, the needle will continue to deal its periodic damage.

While poisoned, an Operator cannot sprint.

Gu mines are cloaked and all-but-invisible to anyone but Lesion and IQ’s electronics detector.
Although invisible, they can still be destroyed like any other gadgets with bullets and explosions. Since it is considered an electronic device, Thatcher and Twitch are able to destroy it with their respective gadgets. Bandit can also accidentally destroy these devices under the same criteria.

Lesion can see a small icon above each deployed trap, and keeping an eye on those icons can help you respond quickly when one is triggered or destroyed.

Only Lesion can see these icons, thus communication is critical if he wants to take advantage of this intel.
There can be a total of seven mines deployed. However, he doesn’t start with a full complement of traps; he acquires them as time passes. The cooldown timer on-screen shows you how many you have available and how long until another one is ready.

Lesion starts with one trap. Every 35 seconds thereafter, Lesion refills another trap, and can only attain 7 total per round.

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I like it. The game needs shaken up. So something new to think about.

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3 new ops, plus some changes should completely change how the game plays.

Fuuuuck. That seems like it’ll be really broken/frustrating.

encountered him, got stuck on his trap, pulled the needle out, shot the fucker as he dropped from above to shoot me.

Hammy was there, he saw it, I am real.


I can vouch for this. It did happen.

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just nope, not real :joy::joy:

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