Rainbow 6 siege white noise patch notes


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edit: who cares, Scotland Yard are getting an operator in season 3!


I have no idea what is happening with that website, one mean it links the patch notes, next is away.


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FIXED – Players can receive damage from a claymore, despite being behind a barricade.
FIXED – A second breaching charge cannot be placed after the previous one is destroyed while being jammed.
FIXED – The Yokai drone’s effect can be broken if stacking a concussion effect on top of it.
FIXED – Spectating an ally in DBNO mode will not show the blur effect.
FIXED – Aiming down sights while fast descending in rappel will lock the fast descent on.
FIXED – Shield replication can be broken in 3rd person if the player quickly changes from grenades to shield.
FIXED – Reload animations repeat and players cannot fire or complete the reload.
FIXED – Joining a session after the match has ended leads to an infinite loading loop.
FIXED – Certain placements of Nitro Cells would damage players through reinforced walls.
FIXED – In game voice chat issues leading to no comms for one of the active players in a match.
FIXED – Projectiles fired from launchers can pass through obstacles if fired close to them.
FIXED – Vaulting wide surfaces while sprinting with two and three speed operators would repeat the animation.
FIXED – Partially damaged Deployable Shields would disappear from inventory after picking them up.
FIXED – Shields could obstruct view when sprinting into a fall.
FIXED – Impact grenades would bounce off window borders, instead of detonating.
FIXED – Conflicting objective locations would be displayed at times during team selection.
FIXED – Defenders could trigger claymores through walls on certain maps.
FIXED – When a player would lose connection to the match while reviving a DBNO player, the DBNO player would stand up bleeding.
FIXED – While in drone phase, the exit button in the Spawn Selection screen would not react to mouse input.
FIXED – Sprinting then switching to prone, but cancelling the animation with sprint again would cause players to teleport forwards.
FIXED – Users are able to use tight places in maps, or created by the Deployable shield, to force the character inside the Maps collision.
FIXED – Players are able to stand on shields by using another player as a collision point.
FIXED – When a Defender is put in DBNO while outside, the Attackers can see their life bar.
FIXED – If a player puts their teammates in DBNO, exits the session and waits to return until after they have died, the player will not receive a sanction.
FIXED – After pressing up on the controller, Alpha Pack buttons become unresponsive.
FIXED – An issue that would cause the “Join Game” and “Invite to Game” options to not work.
FIXED – Some extremely tough glass on black vehicles.
FIXED – Breaching charges placed on destructible walls would not be destroyed if the wall were then reinforced.
FIXED – If opening a menu while spinning a weapon preview on the Alpha Pack screen, spinning animation would loop endlessly.
FIXED – Some specific cases of rubberbanding while vaulting for high ping players.
FIXED – Scoreboard is not displayed at the end of a game.
FIXED – Camera clips through the player if they are DBNO and holding the button to slow bleeding while being revived.
FIXED – Some specific matchmaking issues causing squads of 5 to be split when entering a match.
FIXED – Players can melee gadgets through a Deployable Shield and destroy them.
FIXED – If a laser is equipped on a weapon with no sight, the laser does not react to EMP grenades.
FIXED – Strange rotation of the player if taking armor plates immediately after falling from a surface.
FIXED – Frag grenades not always destroying a barricade when detonating close to it.
FIXED – Modifying settings allows removing most ambient textures, resulting in a player advantage.
FIXED – Destroying Bandit’s Shock Wire with a melee strike will reward the player only for the Barbed Wire.
FIXED – Trajectory for Impact and Concussion grenades is not the same.
FIXED – Issues with sticky gadgets, when falling from a destroyed barricade.
FIXED – Players are able to climb onto other operators in order to stand in windows.
FIXED – Players can be killed by melee above the head.
FIXED – Vaulting while crouched and looking up can cause an obstruction of view.
FIXED – Defenders can use a Deployable Shield and a teammate to reach elevated areas of the maps.
FIXED – Players can clip into the wall at EXT Basement Entrance on Hereford Base by strategically placing a claymore.
FIXED – Players can use the drone to see under the stairs at B Laundry Stairs on Oregon.
FIXED – Some weapons are not aligned correctly with the ACOG sight while aiming and sustaining fire.
FIXED – Smoke effect can invert with the player’s view while rappelling.
FIXED – Matchmaking issue that would cause players to be stuck in an open lobby, searching for other players.
FIXED – Two players running side by side may cause issue with teleportation.
FIXED – Grenades sometimes rubberbanding back at the player after tossing them through an open window.
FIXED – Impact grenades bouncing off walls, instead of detonating.
FIXED – Issue with the spectator Support camera becoming stuck in the location of the player death.
FIXED – Rounds and crosshairs are misaligned with the L85A2 when used with various attachments.
FIXED – When a player affected by a flash goes into drone mode, the HUD appears slowly on a fade in.
FIXED – Users can not open the option menu if all the Attackers are dead and the defuser is planted.
FIXED – Low frame rate when playing a Bomb Mission on Favelas in Terrorist Hunt.
FIXED – Operators escorting the Hostage could teleport if Hostage is put in a state of DBNO.
FIXED – Audio prompt for losing the Hostage would be triggered late.
FIXED – A collision issue between Attackers, Defenders, and the Hostage that would lead to a teleport.
FIXED – Players would stop securing an area if standing at the ledge of a blown hatch.
FIXED – When accessing a Situation from the main menu, the mission specific text would not show.
FIXED – Overhead icons disappear when switching to the view of a player on a different floor.
FIXED – Upper floors block view of the Caster Camera in RTS mode when a player vaults an object.
FIXED – Player DBNO indicator is missing in Caster Camera.
FIXED – Following a player outside with the overhead camera can make the player invisible.
FIXED – Casters are not displayed when attempting to join a playlist.
FIXED – User can become stuck with no UI when rejoining a Custom Game.
FIXED – Users kicked from a Custom Game can still see the game and attempt to join, leading to an error.
FIXED – The Bomber’s signal persists on IQ’s Electronics Detector after the Bomber has died.
FIXED – Replication issue if hit by melee while running.
FIXED – Destroying the barricade on a door or window would destroy the EDD.
FIXED – Animation offset while deploying EDD.
FIXED – The EDD becomes invisible at a certain distance due to LOD issues.
FIXED – If an EDD is placed on the outside of a building and an Attacker rappels inside, the explosion won’t damage them.
FIXED – When the last Attacker in the round is killed by an EDD, the replay shows the Kapkan POV and not the trap POV.
FIXED – Shield Replication can be broken when tossing certain grenade types.
FIXED – Montagne’s shield is visible through the stairs in House if extended.
FIXED – IQ’s device would appear to float in the middle of the screen after rappelling.
FIXED – All of Jackal’s weapons snap to the idle position when activating his gadget.
FIXED – Defenders leave footprints in barbed wire.
FIXED – When tracking someone, the Gu needle icon overlaps with the position tracker when affected by the Gu mine.
FIXED – Leaving the match after the interrogation starts causes it to stop before it completes, denying the ability.
FIXED – Caveira can teleport after interrogating someone in close quarters.
FIXED – Interrogating someone with her back against the wall would cause Caveira to fall out of the map.
FIXED – All players receive error code 2-0x0000B005 if a player disconnects while being interrogated.
FIXED – Players can pass into nearby walls after performing an interrogation.
FIXED – The movement speed reduction after being hit by her mine was at 20% instead of the intended 30%.
FIXED – Camera rotation speed would decrease gradually for a short time as the concussion effect wears off.
FIXED – Winning a round with MVP honors on Plane at night brings out the dark side of Ela. We have corrected the glowing red eye effect present in this form.
FIXED – Concussion mines can block drone entrances.
FIXED – Mine can appear upside down if placed too close to a camera, nitro cell, or another mine.
FIXED – Enemies hair was not showing as yellow in the thermal scope.
FIXED – Support view does not see Gu icons.
FIXED – When under the concussion effect, the drone’s crosshair is missing.
FIXED – Sledge’s hammer does not fully destroy a destructible wall if striking the corner of it.
FIXED – The battery remains attached to the deployable shield after the shield is destroyed.
FIXED – The electric effect of the Shock Wire is not seen in Caster Camera when viewed in First Person View of the player being killed by it during gameplay.
FIXED – After switching between gadgets and weapons, Tachanka will look broken in 3rd person when mounting the LMG
FIXED – Yokai ignores the decorative fans on the ceiling.
FIXED – Attackers can activate the Welcome Mat during the pick-up animation.
FIXED – Pellets from her gadget can stick to unbreakable surfaces.
FIXED – The drone can force a collision with the flower pots at EXT Terrace.
FIXED – The breaching charge does not destroy both sides of the wall at 1F Archives.
FIXED – Gaps in the walls above the 1F Admin Office ceiling allows players to throw cameras and other sticky gadgets inside the walls.
FIXED – Drone clips through the stairs at B Main Stairway.
FIXED – Gaps next to the reinforced wall in 1F Loan Office.
FIXED – Player jitters when making contact with the railings in 2F Elevators.
FIXED – A collision issue in the 1F Archives section when using the drone.
FIXED – Texture flickering in the vent at 1F Archives.
FIXED – Players can force a collision issue through the wall using the Deployable Shield in 1F Archives.
FIXED – Defenders can shoot Attackers in the tunnel through the floor in Server Room Stairs.
FIXED – Destroying the floor in 2F Executive Lounge allows players to see inside the wall and place gadgets inside, such as cameras.
FIXED – Destroying the floor in the Janitor’s Closet allows players to see inside the wall and place gadgets inside, such as cameras, again.
FIXED – Gap between the wall in 1F Admin Office and 1F Open Area where players can see inside the wall and place gadgets inside, such as cameras, again, again.
FIXED – Destroying the ceiling in 1F Archives allows players to see inside the wall and place gadgets inside, such as, you guessed it, cameras.
FIXED – In 1F Staff Room operators were tripping over a pesky glass and cup.
FIXED – Drone can force a collision issue with the wooden skid at 2F Armory Lockers.
FIXED – Drone can force a collision issue with the wooden skid at 2F Break Room
FIXED – Player can place the drone inside the wall at EXT South Balcony.
FIXED – Players can force a collision issue with the rotunda on the roof.
FIXED – Operators will fall through the game world when forcing a collision with the toilet in 1F Detention while prone.
FIXED – A hole in the environment showing the light of the sky in the East Stairs.
FIXED – Player clips through the metal detector at 1F Customs Inspections Room when vaulting over it.
FIXED – A panel in 1F Central Stairs disappears when observing it from 1F Customs Inspections.
FIXED – Nitro cell does no damage when stuck to the blue fence at EXT Crash Site.
FIXED – Texture issue after the wall is destroyed at 1F Bathroom.
FIXED – Nitro cell does no damage at the corner of the brick wall at 2F Security Room.
FIXED – The metal barrels in B Basement Hallway disappear when viewing them from B Snowmobile Garage.
FIXED – Drone gets destroyed if it gets too close to the rocks at the outside edge of the map.
FIXED – The wall between Library and Library Entrance can be reinforced from Library Hallway.
FIXED – Invisible collision for gadgets thrown from 2f Office balcony.
FIXED – Gadgets have no collision on the bottom of the doorframe between 1F Great Room and 1F Dining Room.
FIXED – Drones can see through the rock located at EXT Lakeside.
FIXED – Players can fall through the game world in B Snowmobile Garage near the stairs.
FIXED – Players can push teammates out or into the environment with the use of reinforcements in the Kitchen.
FIXED – Players can toss sticky gadgets, such as cameras, from 2F Office into a wooden beam in 1F Dining Room through a missing texture. No worries, the texture was later found and is ok.
FIXED – Players can toss sticky gadgets, such as cameras, from 2F Library into a wooden beam in 1F Gaming Room through a missing texture. This texture is still at large, but the map has been fixed.
FIXED – The oven iron in the Kitchen prevents players from destroying drones.
FIXED – Players can get stuck between a Deployable Shield and reinforced wall in B Wine Cellar.
FIXED – A rock hiding a hole in the world at EXT Snowmobiles.
FIXED – Players can shoot one way through another missing texture in 2F Office.
FIXED – Twitch Shock Drones would get destroyed when passing near a rock at EXT Cliffside Woods.
FIXED – Players standing outside on an elevated platform of any kind are hidden from view of the Caster Camera when selecting the first floor.
FIXED – Drones can get under the floor at 2F Front Hallway.
FIXED – Suitcase at 2F Front Hallway disappears when hit with a melee strike.
FIXED – The Mobile Lounge window at the cockpit has a gadget collision and cannot be destroyed.
FIXED – Players can clip through the ceiling in the Luggage Hold by vaulting over the crates.
FIXED – Jumping the drone between two pieces of cargo will cause it to fall through the Cargo Hold floor.
FIXED – Players fall under the plane when walking forward on the right side of the main door.
FIXED – Lesion’s Gu mines are not deploying properly on exterior steel floors.
FIXED – Players can see through the plane engines when looking at them from behind.
FIXED – Kapkan’s EDD has no collision with the control panel located at 3F Radio Cabin.
FIXED – Kapkan’s EDD deployment animation clips at the Radio Cabin location.
FIXED – Player can get stuck in the exterior wall of the plane by vaulting a destroyed wall at 1F Technical Room.
FIXED – A small gap above the drone vent at EXT Bus Yard where players can shoot through.
FIXED – Players can see the sky through a small hole in the corner of Kid’s Dorms.
FIXED – Clipping issue when deploying the Welcome Mat at 1F Dorm Stairs.
FIXED – Piece of the wall overlaps the barricade causing melee strike to not destroy it in 1F Office.
FIXED – Players can shoot through the roof of 2F Attic, damaging players at EXT Meeting Hall.
FIXED – A missing collision behind the crates at 2F Armory allowing the drone to go outside of the world. This collision is a no-call no-show and has been replaced.
FIXED – Two cardboard boxes at 1F Kitchen would not let drones pass.
FIXED – Players would exit the game world and die when going prone under the table at 1F Dining Hall.
FIXED – Twitch’s Shock Drone gets stuck behind the generator at 1F Rear Stage.
FIXED – Missing texture at the corner of the small roof at EXT Dining Hall Roof.
FIXED – Lighting flickers when seen through the leaves of a tree.
FIXED – Players can shoot through a missing texture by rappelling from EXT Parking into 1F Lobby.
FIXED – A camera can be placed in 1F Dining Hall Corridor and is able to see inside 1F Showers.
FIXED – Players can clip through the wall on EXT Construction Site area.
FIXED – Jäger’s ADS can be placed inside a box in 2F Bathroom.
FIXED – The display screen in 2F CCTV Room floats after destroying the monitor.
FIXED – Players can get inside the jukebox in the Bar Room.
FIXED – Destroying the Eastern wall in 2F Bedroom Hallway can result in floating picture frames and hooks. Obviously, ghosts.
FIXED – Drone can fall out of the game world due to a collision issue at B Arsenal Room.
FIXED – Drone can fall out of the game world due to a collision issue at 1F Stock Room.
FIXED – Nitro cells do no damage when placed on the side of a shelf at 2F Logistics Office.
FIXED – Players can get stuck between wooden pallets and tires at the EXT Warehouse spawn point.
FIXED – Camera shakes when the user forces collision with the corner of the building located at EXT Shipping Dock.
FIXED – Camera shakes when the user forces collision with the electric panel in 2F Cash Room.
FIXED – Players can force a collision issue at the Gym between dumbbell racks.
FIXED – Players are pushed above the Deployable Shield by a collision with the reinforced wall in 2F Penthouse.
FIXED – Collision issue when a player crouches against the corner of the walls in 2F Theater.
FIXED – There is a gap between the walls located at 1F Office area allowing players to see the 2F Billiards Room area.
FIXED – The vaulting animation skips a few frames when vaulting from the bar to the pool in the EXT Pool Area.
FIXED – Drone can see through the pool mesh at EXT Pool Area.
FIXED – When a player vaults the counter at 1F Sunrise Bar, they clip into the ceiling.
FIXED – The texture is not aligned in 1F Sun Room.
FIXED – Boxes located at EXT Ruins disappear after the user throws a frag grenade near them.
FIXED – Players can get stuck behind the table at EXT Pool Side.
FIXED – Attackers can climb on top of the pink canvas at the top of the building.
FIXED – Players clip through the desk in the office near the kitchen.
FIXED – Players clip through the unbreakable wall between 2F Theater and 2F Hallway.
FIXED – No destruction link between the cutting board and knife in 1F Kitchen.
FIXED – Paintings and their hangers are floating in the air after wall destruction. More ghosts, most likely.
FIXED – Players can see the other side of a wall from a gap between the wall and the wooden beam in 2F Classroom.
FIXED – Players can see and shoot outside from a gap in the wall in the Main Office.
FIXED – The glass shatter sound effect is missing when destroying the glass cases at 2F Trophy Room.
FIXED – Invisible wall makes thrown gadgets float in 1F Archway Hall.
FIXED – The player is not detected if hiding in the bushes near the wall at EXT Parking.
FIXED – Jäger’s gadget floats in mid-air when placed on the fireplace 1F Archway Hall.
FIXED – The lamp in the Archway Hall will disappear when far away from it.
FIXED – Sledge’s hammer cannot destroy a section of wooden floor in 2F Rowing Museum.
FIXED – A certain tree has leaves that can be seen through a wooden fence outside near EXT Side Street.
FIXED – Claymores placed on the roof, float.
FIXED – An invisible collision near the 2F Side Stairs that would snatch up sticky gadgets.
FIXED – The Player jitters when making contact with the metal shelf in B Laundry Room.
FIXED – Camera shakes if the user forces collision with the wall between the windows at EXT Treehouse Alley.
FIXED – The Camera shakes if the user forces collision with the electric panel in EXT Patio.
FIXED – The Camera shakes if the user forces collision with the assets located at B Laundry Room.
FIXED – The Camera shakes if the user forces collision with the bag from the shelf located at 2F Walk-in.
FIXED – The Players drone gets stuck in the water tank.
FIXED – LOD issue can be noticed when looking in to B Laundry Room from B Garage.
FIXED – Possibility to avoid the collisions on the main door stairs rappelling.
FIXED – Defenders can shoot from 2F Football Apartment towards the EXT Rooftops Attackers spawn and spawn kill.
FIXED – The players can vault over a gap to reach the building in 3F Packaging Room.
FIXED – Overlapping pipes are present in EXT Construction.
FIXED – Nitro cell does no damage when placed in the Coast Guard office’s drawer.
FIXED – Camera shakes if the user forces collision with the wall in 2F Maps Office.
FIXED – Player drone falls out of the game world when moving behind the life buoys.
FIXED – Confetti prop can be moved by walking over it after shooting the floor.
FIXED – There is no sound when a player rappels through the window of the skylight at 2F Exit Stairs.
FIXED – Drone goes out of bounds if thrown at West Front Yard.
FIXED – After destroying the ceiling of B Cafeteria the player can throw gadgets inside the wall and see out.
FIXED – The player can rappel inside the building at 1F Lobby near the plant.
FIXED – When nitro cells are thrown in any of the Visa Office’s plant pots, no damage is dealt when detonating.
FIXED – Missing texture on THE building wall at EXT Gardens.
FIXED – Players are able to get inside the white truck at B Garage.
FIXED – Large pillars can block a grenade explosion.
FIXED – Players vaulting over the desk at 1F Lobby area can force collision and fall in the B Cafeteria area.
FIXED – The operators can fall inside the texture when going prone beneath some chairs at 2F Meeting Room.
FIXED – All of the operator’s eyelids are clipping when loading the Blind animation.
FIXED – Jäger elite ADS skin has a screw that is not affected by the gadgets animation.
FIXED – Barbed Wire is not centered on screen.
FIXED – Claymore has the wrong pivot point.
FIXED – The Deployable Shields and breaching charges are too zoomed in when deployed.
FIXED – The L85A2 snaps to the idle position after a tactical reload and a full reload when equipped with a vertical grip.
FIXED – Operator Icon in spawn location screen does not update if you change operator after selecting location.
FIXED – Weird animation when a player drops from a counter while sprinting from a 3rd person view.
FIXED – Operator’s knee clips through the shield while in crouch and leaning position with ADS.
FIXED – User can see the operator’s body when vaulting and turning 90 degrees.
FIXED – Blurry and flickering texture when aiming with the PRB92.
FIXED – Gator by Zoe Love skin is too dark.
FIXED – In third person, Doc’s left hand clips through the Vertical Grip of the MP5
FIXED – Reloading the 417 will snap the left hand from the magazine to the Vertical Grip.
FIXED – When opening an Alpha Pack, the Renown reward is misplaced in the Missing Loot Pop Up.
FIXED – There is a corrupted texture on the front and the back windscreen of the police cars on Kafe.
FIXED – Mira’s splash art when unlocking her is different.
FIXED – When selecting the dynamic button and navigating up and then down, it gets stuck.
FIXED – Arrow icon is not align in center to the black icon.
FIXED – ITA12L Shotgun floats in 3rd person when reloading.
FIXED – Operator headgears and uniforms are stacking on each other in the preview panel when quickly backing off full screen view.
FIXED – Saiga12’s Muzzle Flash is misplaced.
FIXED – When a player goes prone after vaulting on something and move, his left hand make a weird animation.
FIXED – Alpha Pack Statistic auto test shows the wrong number for Common Universal Weapon Skins.
FIXED – Camera / drone red light does not turn on for the first player entered this camera / drone.
FIXED – In the load out section of the Operator tab, the operator slides when loading the model.
FIXED – Using angled grip will result in wrong thumb placement on the secondary weapon after dropping the hostage.
FIXED – The 3D models of Lesion and Valkyrie do not have the same rotation center than the others.
FIXED – Some specific cases of rubberbanding while vaulting for high ping players.
FIXED – Scoreboard is not displayed at the end of a game.
FIXED – Flickering can be observed after explosions when using Nvidia SLI.
FIXED – UI saying “Please wait” is missing when loading the Alpha Pack screen.
FIXED – A black border frame will appear in the Winning Showcase if you set the Aspect Ratio to 21:9.
FIXED – The loading time is too long at the start of the round.
FIXED – Dynasty weapon skin is too bright.
FIXED – User cannot back out of the options menu when the MVP screen is playing.
FIXED – Fade to black is missing at the end of the victory pose.
FIXED – On the voice chat, record Level setting always resets to 83 after a reboot.
FIXED – When reloading fully emptied, cancelling with the camera view and going back to the gun reload, the magazine appear floating/displaced near the gun. Only M45, MK21 and D-50.
FIXED – Some headgears still have the old faces of operators.
FIXED – The character model’s knee is clipping into the deployable shield when removing it.
FIXED – Left hand is visible popping out from drop to prone.
FIXED – Transition between weapons is broken between idle and walking animation.
FIXED – Pulsing Animation of Quick Buy an Alpha Pack is broken.
FIXED – Misapplied texture on firing pin for Chaquetilla weapon skin on USP40.
FIXED – The guns are invisible and hands are twisted on players spawn.
FIXED – MP5 submachine gun isn’t pulled back by the player when near walls, resulting in a flattened model.
FIXED – Weapon Skins are the first item in the list when viewing the Currency Choice Panel of bundles that contain seasonal weapon skins in the Shop.
FIXED – For some operators, the map shown in the Bio section is incorrect.
FIXED – The operator icon does not grey out if two players try to select the same operator in the same second.
FIXED – It is not possible to open player profiles in Terrorist Hunt lobby when match has begun.
FIXED – Removing barricade animation is broken on windows with Castle’s armor panel.
FIXED – The light from Laser Sight appears on the uniform after repeatedly switching through uniforms/headgears when equipped and Thatcher does not approve this.
FIXED – There can be two focus highlights active at once when moving the highlight to a Portal tab and hovering the mouse over a player slot in Lobby.
FIXED – Button prompts are missing on the Option buttons when playing with Gamepad controls in the After Action Report.
FIXED – There are Corrupted detail in the operator loading screen, if the brightness from the game is at the highest level.
FIXED – If player presses Continue or Quit to Main Menu at the end of any type of match, the point awarding SFX will replay for the next 10 seconds.
FIXED – There are some broken reflection on some goggles of Ela, Fuze, and Valkyrie.
FIXED – A click sound is audible when pressing buttons during cinematics.
FIXED – When the “0 renown” issue occurs, there is no way to know that you received the missing renown.
FIXED – The Lucky Cat charm has no animation on shield operators from third person view.
FIXED – Jackal’s ITA12S clips through its holster.
FIXED – Damage comparison value fails to update when comparing the M590A1 and the L85A2 in the Loadout menu.
FIXED – Fuze’s ACOG Front piece is visible while aiming down sight.
FIXED – The Claymore red trigger moves when viewing from some angle close to a wall.
FIXED – When watching another player in Spectator mode, if he crouches and leans left while carrying the hostage, the camera will clip through the hostage.
FIXED – The pellets of Hibana’s X-KAIROS are not replicated properly during the support mode.
FIXED – Thermite Elite skin sometimes shows as invisible for other players.
FIXED – The mute function will stay on by default after starting a new match with the same player even when playing on different sides.


that’d explain some of the rubber banding i’ve had at the start of attacking rounds.

that’s that fucker in Paris that one time.


Information that players may find interesting or not


@Jester you might want to watch this clip


Yeah, that isn’t op or unbalanced…

And god that guy is a cunt.


Should be nerfed by the it leaves tts or there will be some moaning done


14.85gb download.

Anyone busting tonight? It’s going to be 40 minutes for me.


Will DL it now and will be on…

150mbps BB :slight_smile:


Rainbow 6 seems to be crashing my graphics card badly. Will need to test another game to see if it happens but it happened twice last night and once the other nigh when playing R6S. Nothing happened when on Arma


Rainbow 6 seems to be crashing my enjoyment levels badly. I’ve got a video from last night of putting 6 shots clearly into someone’s chest and they got injured. They could have been buffed by the medic… but bullshit. Then I shot Bandit in the throat/chin and shoulder - and didn’t kill them, but they killed me with a short burst of SMG fire.

I do know what they’ve done to this game.


It’s starting to feel like those last few years of BF3 for me.

I love the game but there is so much bullshit and so many pricks…


Rainbow Six Siege Update 4.2 Patch Notes

Ela’s SMG will have a reduced magazine size
We have decided to lower the magazine size of her SMG from 50 to 40 bullets.
Ela overpowers her competition. Players select her almost every round, and for a good reason. All of the data we have on her (such as win ratio, K/D ratio, and Kills per round) shows that she needs to be nerfed. We have found this to be primarily because of her SMG and to a lesser extent her concussion mines.

The recoil of her SMG was already nerfed slightly with Y2S3.2, but this did not have the impact that we hoped.

For now, we’re trying to balance her while keeping her SMG’s uniqueness, which lets her fight several opponents at a time better than other defenders. We will consider other ways of nerfing this weapon if this is not enough.

In addition to the reduced magazine size, we will be reducing the overall strength of concussion effects across the board.

Reduction in concussion effects
With Y2S4.2 patch, concussion effects will no longer disable sprinting. It will still reduce movement speed and camera rotation speed, but affected targets will recuperate much faster (4 sec, instead of 7 sec). The effect on sight and hearing will still last a total of 7 sec.
This change will affect both Ela and Zofia. We believe this will most heavily impact Ela, as Zofia also has impact grenades to rely on for increased effectiveness.

Compared to other gadgets of this nature, the concussion effect is superior in almost every way: it greatly affects movement speed, massively slows down rotation speed, and also reduces a player’s ability to hear and see.

Ash’s R4-C nerf
We reduced the damage of the R4-C to 39 (from 41).
Ash is still a pick that is too attractive when compared to other attackers. We’ve compared her most popular weapon (R4-C) to other assault rifles stats and given the R4-C’s very high rate of fire (860), its damage is a bit too high.

Capitao’s Para-308 buff
We increased the Para-308’s raw damage is to 48 (from 43). We also slightly reduced the intensity of the random components of its recoil.
Capitao right now is not attractive enough. His gadget suffers from a few issues that will need long-term solutions, but in the meantime, it’s clear that his main assault rifle is too weak.

Twitch’s Shock Drone Ammo
We reduced the max ammo for each Shock Drone to 5 (from 15).
Twitch right now is too strong. There are several possible reasons, one of them being that her drones have the potential to deny an unreasonable amount of electronics from defenders. We feel that this change will force players to start making choices about when to shoot or to save their ammo, and which Defender gadgets to destroy.

Bandit’s barbed wire
Bandit will now have two barbed wire (down from 3).
Even if Ela has eclipsed Bandit’s pick rate, players still pick him too often. Reducing the number of barbed wires he has should bring him more in line with other Defenders.

Lesion’s Gu Mine refill timer
We lowered Lesion’s Gu Mine refill timer to 30 sec (from 35).
Lesion is in an OK place right now, but could use a slight buff. By reducing the refill timer, it will encourage his specific playstyle of staying alive as long as possible to increase the strength of his defensive gadget.

Other Improvements
Temporal Filtering
The T-AA has been fully implemented. As part of this, the Resolution Scaling and Sharpness Factor slide bars are in the Options menu. With render scaling, you will be able to customize the ratio between render resolution and display resolution, which will allow you to maintain your target framerate. More details about Temporal Filtering and Anti-Aliasing can be found here.

Bomb UI Changes
We changed the player markers for players that are interacting with the Defuser. When a teammate is interacting with the Defuser, a new animation icon appears on the player. If your teammate is in the process of disabling the Defuser, you will also notice a new animated icon on that player. The new animated icon should make it easier to identify which teammate is currently interacting with the Defuser.

Additionally, once the teammate plants the Defuser, the progress of the Defuser replaces the round timer.

These are the first steps we are taking towards improving the Bomb game mode, and we will have more information about our next steps at the Six Invitational!

Caster Camera Improvements
We will be making some adjustments to the Caster Camera. These adjustments will improve the viewer experience for those watching the spectator camera, but also provide them with more information in a more digestible format.

Bug Fixes
FIXED – Shield exploit that involves Deployable Shields being held in front of an Operator.
FIXED – Attack Operators can appear as a 2D texture when approaching broken walls while holding the hostage.
FIXED – Certain operator weapons produce extremely bright smoke and can obscure the view of the players.
FIXED – Zofia dies after using Withstand when a match has a Handicap of 75 or less Damage.
Terrorist Hunt
FIXED – Bombers do not always spawn during a Terrorist Hunt Classic on Tower map.
FIXED – Last three enemies of a wave will get stuck behind the reversed table in 2F Meeting room.
Spectator Camera
FIXED – Switching to Dokkaebi on support mode during her gadget animation will show her gadget screen empty.
FIXED – Dokkaebi loses functionality, and a broken animation is present if Dokkaebi gets into DBNO state while hacking the camera system.
FIXED – No warning appears when Dokkaebi is out of Logic Bomb uses and tries to activate it.
FIXED – When in ADS, you do not need to hold the appropriate key to use Logic Bomb.
FIXED – Yokai is stuck and has framed camera rotation rate on uneven terrain/debris.
FIXED – The drones including Yokai have issues smoothly turning when navigating on certain destructible surfaces.
FIXED – The Yokai drone loses signal in multiple places on Tower.
FIXED – Echo drone can stick to the canister under Mira’s Black Mirror.
FIXED – Zofia’s LMG-E should have 150 bullets instead of 151.
FIXED – Users can extend the bleed out timer by spamming Withstand.
FIXED – Ying’s Candela will not go through the Ramps of 3F Watchtower of Oregon.
FIXED – Players can prone between objects at 1F Trophy Room and be pushed inside the wall or outside at EXT Campfire Wood.
FIXED – Nitro cells do not inflict damage if detonated on the plants from 1F Great Room.
FIXED – Defenders in Prone stance in one corner of 1F Dining Room are not contesting the objective.
FIXED – Bullets pass through the desk located at CCTV room.
FIXED – Player can be stuck inside a wall if they use the vault prompt on beer cases.
FIXED – Castle’s double door Armor Panels do not cover the entire frame.
FIXED – Player can vault in a specific location to get on a window frame.
FIXED – There are lights on the side of the tower, which can block an Attacker’s rappel trajectory.
FIXED – Due to a missing texture, players can exploit an area using drones and kill enemies.
FIXED – Attackers can plant the Defuser from outside the objective at Ext Main Entrance.
Theme Park
FIXED – Attackers can place a drone inside the barricaded window of EXT Sweet Shops.
FIXED – Vault prompt is missing on the rooftop of the building.
User Experience
FIXED – Too much smoke appears when shooting with some weapons.
FIXED – Installing the latest graphics driver for AMD will cause a crash when explosives are triggered.
FIXED – Concussion and Sonic Burst effect applies to replays if applied after the start of replay.


Whats this new Zombie mode thing that is coming?


4 player co-op mode I think. Getting a lot of heat for loot boxes I think. Haven’t looked into it much.


I was a bit knee jerky on that but they are just the same as the other packs with cosmetics only from the looks of them so I’m not so fussed.

Why 4 player and not 5 though? That’s odd…actually, saying this makes me think I’ve heard this before and made the same criticism.