Rainbow 6 Update due today/tomorrow

New season starts tomorrow (5th Sept) and its a pretty big update. 25gb or over 40gb with HD textures. New map and operators release, though operators will only be available to season pass owners for the 1st week.

I’ll be leaving my pc on tomorrow to hopefully get it downloaded for coming home.

Have they mentioned a release/pre-load time?

I’m the same, I’ll leave my PC on in the day. Might clean a few things up first.

Nothing I can see, but from memory its normally either 10am or 4pm depending on if its GST or some yank one

had a quick look, some where between 2pm and 4pm BST

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Wont be on tomorrow. I have to prep for Job Interview on Wednesday anyway. So at least will allow time for me to download it. Hopefully see you on Wednesday night for it.

Looks like it should be ready to download some time after 4pm today

Download is live now. taking me about 50 mins to get all 26.82GB

Awesome. Probably won’t be home until late.

43 Gb eta approx 23 hours.

game feels different

Apparently the patch/update also addresses the “Infinite Stim Pack” bug for Doc as well.

Yeah, though thankfully it was a big we never came across.

Played 2 games last night with Adrock. Game feels different, and looks different. IQ is worth something now with the amount of traps. Though we left pretty quick as new season brings all the knobs to the game. Need a 5 man team.

43 GB patch, HOLY SHIT

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thats with the HD textures. They have redone a lot of lighting and map renders hence why its so big.

just reinstalling the game, we’ll be on tonight all going well, didnt get home till :clock1030: last night

Download nearly complete. Should be on for sure.

I have some stuff to do, but should be on 9ish.

Well, hmm. Not sure how I feel. Had a bad night to be honest - tired I think from the last couple of days. What started out feeling awesome on plane… quickly turned to frustration on other maps…

Hit detection seems better - but ping is still a major issue. Glaz seemed to be able to hit people again - although now can’t destroy walls/wood like before… so very limited. Graphics are improved in some areas - especially smoke, although I want to play with my settings because I swear @Angelclaws’ screen looks nicer than mine.

Love the look of the new map - but that is going to be hard to learn. New operators weren’t overly annoying so far, but then, I didn’t really get hit by any traps etc.

Whole thing just left me feeling frustrated last night.

I found it frustrating earlier on i think and then grew bit more into it.

I think in order to fix the hit boxes for ash they have made everyone the same as ash? I found immy aiming had to be much more precise. I used to rely alot on recoil pattern to score hits but less so last night.

New map is nice i like it. I think i fortunately found a central point that allowed me to orientate a bit last night. But still a bit to explore.