Rainbow 6 Update due today/tomorrow

I have some stuff to do, but should be on 9ish.

Well, hmm. Not sure how I feel. Had a bad night to be honest - tired I think from the last couple of days. What started out feeling awesome on plane… quickly turned to frustration on other maps…

Hit detection seems better - but ping is still a major issue. Glaz seemed to be able to hit people again - although now can’t destroy walls/wood like before… so very limited. Graphics are improved in some areas - especially smoke, although I want to play with my settings because I swear @Angelclaws’ screen looks nicer than mine.

Love the look of the new map - but that is going to be hard to learn. New operators weren’t overly annoying so far, but then, I didn’t really get hit by any traps etc.

Whole thing just left me feeling frustrated last night.

I found it frustrating earlier on i think and then grew bit more into it.

I think in order to fix the hit boxes for ash they have made everyone the same as ash? I found immy aiming had to be much more precise. I used to rely alot on recoil pattern to score hits but less so last night.

New map is nice i like it. I think i fortunately found a central point that allowed me to orientate a bit last night. But still a bit to explore.

For Info. 2.7GB R6 Update seems to be underway for me this morning. No idea what it is.

Patch Notes for mid-season update v1.2:

And something you don’t see too often, the full breakdown of their logic behind each change! Would be good to see more of these done by devs.

Holy thread revival Batman!

New operators and map being announced in the coming weeks. Also a “pick and ban” option, which lets you ban certain operators from the other team for that game/round. Not quite sure about that, need to read up more on it. Though could be interesting banning all the new operators to piss players off.

edit: new map is call Villa.

So the exterior will look all expensive, but the interior will be rotten to the core. Fans will say it’s a ‘big map’ that deserves to be in the Premier League of maps, but actually has all the makings of a run-of-the-mill map that will neither impress, nor be forgotten about?

or am I reading to much into this?

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Sounds about right. Next update will bring in some elements from an older map which used to do well to see if it can help this map move you to the next level.

But really they are just there for one last swan song before leaving.

I’m done with R6 tbh. It was a pleasant enough ride - but the influx of characters ruined the balance. When will developers learn - game balance is a precise art that needs to be kept in equilibrium at all times. Throwing in new character ever few months breaks that.

Equally, the newer maps haven’t been that good recently.

Id bet tempted to try it again for a blast.

I’d give it another try, but we might have to push through an initial re-acclimatisation period filled with rage and frustration.

Holy thread bump!

New patch and operator’s released today/tomorrow. Sort of got me interested again. One can breach from below(oh-er) and they have made changes to some maps and ranked and non ranked playlists. Might be enough to give it a go again if others would too

I feel I would be so crap I would get annoyed.

But might be worth a look for giggles.

I do have that fear. Hopefully all the good people will play ranked and we can go unnoticed in non

Oh feck me sideways… It’s been that long since I played this I have a 66.50GB update to get. Thank god I’m on fibre now so will only take 2hrs 45mins, dread to think how long it would have been if still on copper wire broadband :confused:

I’ll reinstall it over night. Might get a game this Sunday evening

100gb download for me


Just looked on Amazon. A 120GB SSD is about £20.

They could literally put the game on an SSD, place it in a plastic DVD case, add an instruction manual - and sell it as a ‘gaming cartridge’ for £40.

We’ve literally gone full circle. I expect the Megadrive III to be announced next week.


I played a bunch with friends over the last two weeks. Still fun as fuck but we are not ready for ranked mode yet.