"Rainbow Six Siege now auto-bans players for bigotry"

I have absolutely no interest in revisiting this because the ‘community’ is a smoking dumpster fire, but this article caught my eye:

We’ve known for a while that Ubisoft have been trying to curb toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege, but their latest phase in their war against awful people brightened up my weekend. The popular tactical FPS now automatically and immediately issues short-term bans for racist and homophobic slurs in text-chat.

The ban system is simple enough. On your first offence, you get a half-hour suspension from the game. A good warning and a fairly mild slap on the wrist, all things considered. Do it again and you’re out of the game for two hours. Same with the third. Any offences beyond that will attract the angry gaze of the game’s moderation staff and put you at risk of a permanent account ban, according to the official Siege code of conduct.

Here’s the tweet that kicked it all off last Friday night, confirming Ubisoft’s stance on the matter:


The linked Reddit thread proves (to me at least) that the community are terrible and that this should be the first step in moderating them - can’t play nice? Don’t play at all trashbags.


I seen this last night and was going to post something about it. They are going in hard on anyone being toxic and as we all know it’s a very toxic community. Now it seems to be only over text, I’ve no idea how they would manage voip but it’s good in my eyes just way too late.

Hopefully some other titles will take note and people will start being banned for being toxic/racist/etc

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Just read some of that reddit thread and some of their bans do seem a it extreme, as usual Ubisoft can’t do balancing. Lol

People getting banned for saying they are using a black skin on their operator is bad. But then again how do you balance it via a program? Remember people getting kicked from bf game for saying cockpit

Ahahaha, the kids in that thread complaining that they didn’t know coon was a slur, or because it’s Cartmans superhero nickname in southpark (chosen specifically becaue it’s a slur). Not only are they not learning from this learning opportunity, they also apparently don’t get southpark.

If you get banned because you didn’t know something was a slur, you’ll find your ban expires, and then as long as you don’t say the word you now know is a slur, you can keep playing. How is that not fair. The argument here seems to be ‘If I want to remain ignorant of racial bigotry ubisoft must enable that, and not punish me if i inadvertently use offensive language’, like any of these kids intent is relevant.

The number of those kids that will come up with any method or reason to try and push the rules and then complain when they’re enforced is indeterminable, but i’m comfortable applying it to all of them, because i’m an adult and don’t do that shit.


Not being a Siege player I never knew this kind of stuff was happening!

The auto ban thing may end up significantly reducing the playerbase in terms of server stats by the looks of things :rofl:

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I’d now want to go on and subtly troll people until they rage and get themselves banned. Judging by the existing R6S community, it wouldn’t be hard or take that long.

LOADS of people reporting this is a thing.

Guy in the RPS comments claims he was banned for responding to a question about where he’s from: Montenegro.

If you can be easily trolled in to using bigoted language, you deserve the ban imo.

Agreed with that, but if your getting banned for using the world “nergo” when in a lot of languages it means black. So for a Spanish person to be banned for type “hes on the black stairs” in Spanish is a bit bad.

The trouble is, it’ll just make players start typing thing like ‘a$$hole’ (I could have chosen worse, you get my point) to get around it. It’s going to need to be quite a complex algorithm to pick up all the variations but not ban on false positives.

Even War Thunder now uses a new algorithm that just turns that kind of text into ********

yeah overwatch’s built in profanity filter is pretty solid, as are a lot of comment platforms.

See, that sounds like the sort of thing a kid will make up to provoke a ban to complain about. I’ve never seen anyone trying to use anything like that descriptive language in in-game text chat. I’m also not sure how many people have a legitimate use for the text chat given the widespread use of voice comms, either in game or externally.

Similarly, the chap ‘from Montenegro’ wasn’t trolled unless the guy asking already knew where he was from, because who the fuck has the time to ask everyone in a videogame where they’re from on the off-chance they’re from Montenegro, a country with a population of less than 700,000 people. It’s possible, it’s just so fucking unlikely i’m not going to put any weight in the fact someone on the internet said it in a comment section. More likely, it’s some kid and that’s the first place name he could come up with with something ‘unsuitable’ in the name, or it’s one that he’s aware of from a previous encounter with auto-moderation of some kind.

There are definitely more stupid kids in the world playing video games than there are Montenegrins.

That is the first time I’ve seen/read/heard that word.

It…disturbs me…

This is a good thing.

As an aside…

If I was designing a game now, I wouldn’t implement any kind of in-built chat system or VOIP. In this day and age, VOIP surpasses text chat anyway, why hold on to an outdated medium in games? You would choose whatever platform and group to join via the plethora of 3rd party VOIP systems out there. Put’s the choice in your hands.

For something like an MMO where item linking and requests for help were used in chat, just implement a better way of doing it that doesn’t allow for free text to be written.

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The thing that bugs me the most is, if developers insist on having these systems, the least they could do is give the option to have it all switched off if you have no interest.

Happiness mode on R6 kept me playing past the point I would have if I couldn’t have turned chat off.

‘happy mode’ - ENGAGED!

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So i originally typed a couple of sentences explaining that thats what wikipedia says they’re called, but that it also refers to them as the ethnic group, while the country Montenegro is around 40% Montenegrin, and then has Croats, Bosniaks, and Albanians listed, so I’m not sure if it’s the right term for ‘citizens of the nation of montenegro’ that i intended. I had not encountered it previously either, but it is apparently a legit word (i even checked the wikipedia history and it didn’t indicate it was niche vandalism).

3rd party apps aren’t as big for console users, and console users are the majority that games are being developed for?

I agree with you in terms of PC gaming, i barely use any, but i’m only aware of them being in the bigger titles that have large console audiences (R6, battlefield, overwatch, i assume CoD might?). I’ve also gotten used to not seeing them in PC-only titles or smaller/indie titles.

And yeah, where possible i’ve turned them off (R6, battlefield) too.

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@adrock, what are your thoughts on this article:

Blizzard boast of player abuse reduction in Overwatch

Instances of dillholes jerking up Overwatch multiplayer matches with abusive chat have dropped by around a quarter since Blizzard added player endorsement and ‘looking for group’ systems last month, according to numbers shared by game director Jeff Kaplan. As social engineering in this cyberhell goes, that seems a fair result. Blizzard still haven’t replied to my suggestion that they partner with gaming chair manufacturers on a line which include pop-out misters to spray players with water if they misbehave and a sweetie dispenser for when they’re good, but this is a start.

Kaplan blasted stats from the American and Korean servers in a forum post on Friday:


They’ve not shared European numbers, but from your perspective was it a big issue in the first place on European servers? Has it changed significantly in line with these numbers for Europe?

Curious to know because I’ve heard mixed things about the community for Overwatch rather than the usual CS:GO/R6 “The community is a smoking dumpster fire” response.

You rang?

From my perspective I only noticed shitty behaviour before, usually because someone commented on it. The usual gaming shitchat, ’ you suck!’, ‘omg, vote kick plz’, ‘ez’, etc mind, never as bad as the shit we saw in R6. Like, nowhere near.

Since the change all I’ve noticed is a lack of the shitty behaviour and an increase in gg, glhf and the like, and occasionally a brief conversation, ‘that carried you’ ‘thx :)’ sort of exchanges.

That said, I don’t notice chat very often, so it’s mostly after rounds, if someone else mentions something, so from my limited perspective, it’s made a big change to something i don’t pay a lot of attention to. Whether people who use or pay attention to chat more than i do feel the same i’m not sure, but i get the impression others feel it’s improved the general tone of interactions in game.

They’ve done nothing mechanically to the game to incentivise it mind. Endorsements and the rank you get from both giving and receiving them doesn’t give you anything except a little number next to your main rank, with a coloured circle showing the types of endorsements you receive. There’s no benefit and no reward to doing it, and yet it appears to have achieved a measurable improvement.

RPS shat the bed when i tried to load the article so i’ll give it a read when it sorts itself out.

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Cheers for the insight mate!

I’m curious because as I said I’d heard mixed things about the community which included some pretty positive stuff that kinda-sorta sounded like the community were moderating themselves a bit.

I’ve obviously heard/seen examples of negative, but what game(s) doesn’t have those?!

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I can certainly say that I’ve been pleased with Overwatch on that score, especially since the update. It’s perfectly possible to go through a night of gaming without a single negative comment (and that rarely crosses the boundary of “ez” “noob healer”, etc, which while annoying is pretty tame) and that negative comment is usually isolated to one person being sour.

More interestingly, since the update particularly, you’ll surprisingly often get avalanches of “gg!”, “great ult!” “nj all!” and other niceness. I feel like the update didn’t change people’s behavior so much as incentivize more pleasant people to talk and discourage less pleasant people from doing so. It tipped the scales just enough that there’s a decent momentum behind it. I’m pretty enthusiastic.