Razor Phone

Razor are releasing a phone that looks a bit of a beast tbh!

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Too bad the damn thing has a huge screen (5.7") and therefore wont be a compact device meaning its not for meh.

Only thing putting me off is the 700 quid price. Screen size its just smaller than the new S8, and just slightly bigger than my S7

I can see why they put a large screen on it as they are obviously targeting peeps who enjoy mobile gaming on their phone.

I hardly play games on my phone so I don’t really need a mahoosive screen but its certainly a powerful device and runs stock android which is nice and is part of the reason why I like current Sony phones as they are very close to stock android.

Meh I say. Who cares about games on a phone. It is a phone, use it for calling, texting and email and that is it.

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Was impressed by that video… until the £699/$699 price tag.

$699 = £532 according to XE.

Stopped the video that point. Fuck off.

That bit did piss me off.

We all know that, despite the direct exchange rate conversion, us UK peeps will probably end up paying £699.

Not that I don’t like fancy tech, but I don’t get the point of this - at least, initially. Surely you’re going to end up with a phone that’s vastly underpowered to play desktop/console games and is vastly overpowered to play mobile games?

I think the way its all heading is that mobile devices are getting so powerful that it will be possible to put it into a dock and play games on a desktop monitor/KB/Mouse.

There are already devices that can do this but in a few years I can see it being a genuine thing.

Maybe there will GPU docks for phones soon like the GPU dock (Razer core) for their blade stealth ultrabook in a few years?

I would say you are looking at the start of a new “handheld” class of gaming. Mobiles will start being like your new gameboy or PSP. Plus its running andriod, which means you can prob install a lot of emulators.

Ah, I guess that’s possible - though it has to be said, I think the PSP kinda disproved the idea that there was a big market for high performance mobile games. Then again, perhaps the size and extra processing punch will allow for the possibility of using tablet-restricted games on a mobile - that could have some potential.

True point on the emulators, though emulators will still have a rough time running well with the vast architectural differences between console platforms and mobile ones and the much narrower power differences. Still, there’s potential to ‘smooth out the kinks’ with the liberal application of power.

That GPU dock thing was not really working well from the reviews I have seen. Massive loss of performance mainly due to the connection used to the device. I don’t really get the sound thing on this either, if you want to play games or watch a movie, surelly you would be using a headset anyway.

Three will supposedly be selling it on an extortionate contract or for PAYG at £549.99 http://www.techradar.com/reviews/razer-phone

41 quid a month for 12gb of data and free Text and calls is bloody brilliant! I’m paying that now for 3 gb

That’s bloody good indeed!! £49 for 100GB!! Amazing! My S7 Edge is £58 for 20GB.

Wow, I’m out of touch then… Because I consider paying anything over £25 on a phone contract fucking expensive frankly. I’d never pay £50 a month… that’s insane.

Most for the top of the line models are above 40, though its broken done into to parts. Its normally about 15/20 quid for the phone contract itself, the rest is the monthly payments for the phone.

I converted to a bargain SIM only deal recently, as im reasonably happy with my current device, which is 20GB for £21 per month.

It was supposed to be 18GB but the guy clicked the wrong button (20GB was an old offering but still valid) :smiley:

I have seen some stupid prices per month for some of the new iThings!

113 a month on 3 for the new iPhone X is a joke