RC cars / stuff - e.g Tamiya

Anyone else got any? A month or so ago, I drunkenly bought an offraod car thing, much fun!

Since, bought a touring car chassis kit thing for cheap, with a view to be going to local club. Went last week (car-less) - was epic!

Yesterday was spent building said kit (sore hands / fingers today!) and went for a derp about with offroad thing (trying to learn control, throttle-car-direction0gubbins (walk before run, Panties!)) today - much fun with some of those plastic gym-floor marker “pimples”. Gotta find a good jump-area to be messing about with offroad thing, trying to sort out various gubbins for indoor chassis thing. Local indoor club even runs transponders for laptimes! :open_mouth::sunglasses:

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Aside from my quadcopters I do have an old RC buggy thing somewhere…its not fast and its more “toy” grade but I think it still works.

Also I have an old, again toy grade, monster truck stored at my mom’s place but IIRC the front axle on that is buggered :slight_smile:

I r tempted to build a trophy truck style RC car to play with when its not flying weather.

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I know for a “truggy” and / or buggy, I think…
Is daft fun!

If I do build something it’s going to be LiPo powered, messing around with pertrol/nitro seems like too much hassle.

Should have mentioned that by toy grade I mean old sk00l 27mhz radio’s and weak ass servos etc. etc.

Anything I might build will be on 2.4GHz radios like my 'copters :slight_smile:

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I haz got a box of bits in my folks garage somewhere… some bit were ‘toy’ and some better quality… but they are getting on for about 20 years old now as I used to have them when I was in year 11 of highskool. Batteries are probably turned to mush and I’d be suprised if any work but I might dig them out and have a play at some point.

HUGE market in decent condition “vintage” stuff, Jess. Especially if the boxes are still present :wink:

Ch4d - I just built a 1/10 touring car fing (getting motor, ESC and shell tomorrow) as local club races them indoors on carpet. Looks molto fun :slight_smile: I will be absolutely crap! :joy:
Also, jip, Nitro is a PITA nowadays., Lipo = win cos juice = big, fast motors. Just “tricky” to charge / store etc - got to be careful with them. :slight_smile:

Pants I blame you for my looking at brushless RC cars during my break at work today! :crazy_face:

I just fitted a brushless to a car that was brushed. I had a HUGE pair of boxes with a stupid amount of stuff in arrive today, freebie. 3 chassis, starter for 10, 2 of which are carbon… :open_mouth:

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Pants found a new addiction, beside Gin and large cars, he is now into tiny cars too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Just a matter of time until he changes all brushed motors to fuel based ones …

Had fuel one before - it’s a PITA :joy: