Rebel Galaxy Outlaw


By DoubleDamage, the guys behind ‘Rebel Galaxy’:

Set 35 years before the original Rebel Galaxy, this prequel has players controlling the roguish aunt of the first game’s nameless, faceless protagonist. While Baldree says there’ll be plenty of story missions to follow in the full game, this walkthrough is focused on its systems. Also, I can’t help but notice that Travis’s oh-so-smooth voice makes him an impressive streamer – not surprising that he also does audiobook readings on the side. He was also lead developer on dungeon crawlers Fate and Torchlight.

I absolutely adore Rebel Galaxy and really wanted another game, this isn’t quite what I was expecting but holy space biscuits, I want it!

Exclusive to the PC version, you’ll be able to paint your own ship however you like. Decals, colours, crudely spray-painted profanity can be doodled all over it. There’s even the option to output the full texture and wireframe and work externally, if you’re more used to professional art tools.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is unquestionably inspired by DOS-era classic Wing Commander: Privateer (confirmed by the developers here), and that’s just what I’m looking for. Popular as Freelancer was, it never really did it for me. There’s no release date yet for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, but we do know it’s coming in early 2019, and will cost $30.

Canny wait!


Oooo I liked the look of this. Not seen anything of this b4


I’m very excited about this, couldn’t get enough of these games when I was younger


This does look quite cool, but fuck me that is a busy UI/cockpit.