Rebel Galaxy Outlaw


By DoubleDamage, the guys behind ‘Rebel Galaxy’:

Set 35 years before the original Rebel Galaxy, this prequel has players controlling the roguish aunt of the first game’s nameless, faceless protagonist. While Baldree says there’ll be plenty of story missions to follow in the full game, this walkthrough is focused on its systems. Also, I can’t help but notice that Travis’s oh-so-smooth voice makes him an impressive streamer – not surprising that he also does audiobook readings on the side. He was also lead developer on dungeon crawlers Fate and Torchlight.

I absolutely adore Rebel Galaxy and really wanted another game, this isn’t quite what I was expecting but holy space biscuits, I want it!

Exclusive to the PC version, you’ll be able to paint your own ship however you like. Decals, colours, crudely spray-painted profanity can be doodled all over it. There’s even the option to output the full texture and wireframe and work externally, if you’re more used to professional art tools.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is unquestionably inspired by DOS-era classic Wing Commander: Privateer (confirmed by the developers here), and that’s just what I’m looking for. Popular as Freelancer was, it never really did it for me. There’s no release date yet for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, but we do know it’s coming in early 2019, and will cost $30.

Canny wait!


Oooo I liked the look of this. Not seen anything of this b4


I’m very excited about this, couldn’t get enough of these games when I was younger


This does look quite cool, but fuck me that is a busy UI/cockpit.


Galaxy Outlaw launching on Epic Games Store

Getting bored of this now.

  • Steam account/Store/Launcher
  • Origin account/Store/Launcher
  • Uplay account/Store/Launcher
  • GOG account/Store/Launcher
  • Stardock account/Store/Launcher

And thats forgetting games like Warframe that require its own launcher and account.

And now if I want to play this on release I have to add an epic games account/install their launcher/store.

I know monopolies hurt consumers, but not a single platform holder has given me confidence that I’m getting a worthwhile deal out of having their platform over anyone else’s and not one of them has convinced me they can keep any data I have and my library of ever more expensive games safe.

Edit: As an example of my last point:

  • Kate is getting daily password reset requests for her Origin account in Russian
  • Kate had to contact EA support after someone was able to convince a customer service adviser on live chat to reset her account
  • Kate had to reset her Uplay account after someone managed to use a bug in the support site to reset her details
  • I lost my Uplay account to a similar bug (they told me the most likely reason was that I have password stealing malware on my system…)
  • I nearly lost my Origin account because of a similar customer support scam
  • I get almost weekly password reset requests for my Steam account
  • My email address and name was leaked after Epic’s Unreal Engine launcher accounts were hacked and leaked
  • Stardock were hacked and my email and name was leaked

But, no, the solution is for me to create yet another account and install yet another launcher.

Edit 2: #Rant


Ahh, I really want this one. Fine, Epic, you win this round.

If anyone asks, I didn’t cave. I chose to support developer-favouring royalty splits because I’m basically a hero.


Wrote up another whinge (Me? Whinge? NEVER!) and finished it with “…heck, if this was being released on the Switch I’d snap it up!”.

Well, it IS being released on the Switch!

I’ve been craving a game like this for the Switch but Starlink is supposed to be a steaming turd and ‘Manticore: Galaxy on Fire’ puts me off because you fly ship with just one analogue stick having some mutant mixture of yaw/roll/attitude all on one stick.

Can’t wait now!


I’ve not done it in a while, but I checked the email address I use for a few of these accounts I’m whinging about using haveibeenpwned and look at where one/two of the leaks happened: