Recent newcomer banned

So funny thing - Paddy, mate of mine, just signed up to the forum.

Said mate has been shadowbanned, his post hidden. I read it - nothing seemed untoward.

What the hell is that about?

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absolutely no idea. Just opened the forum and see that his posts had an indicator on it… apparently means its unlisted. Didn’t even know posts could be unlisted. Was literally reading the docs on that when I saw your post.

He hasn’t been shadowbanned. Because to my knowledge he hasn’t been banned. Unless an automated system setting has banned him. In which case, he’s just banned - and I’ll attempt to find out why.

So I will now attempt to find out “What the hell is that about”.

Cheers man! He was kinda worried!

Was thinking it had to be something automated, given that my limited Overwatch experience still marks ToxicOrange out as being the loveliest sort of human

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I clicked something to to authorise it. I might have clicked the wrong thing.

it did seem like it was auto thing though

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You undexterous wee scamp

Nothing you did @Hammy. Was a system moderation.

I can’t see him banned anywhere. Is he getting any messages?

He typed too fast? :grin:

He got a message telling him he’d been flagged

Yep. speed hacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ToxicOrange - can you access the forum and post again now?

I mean, it must be weird for him, but it’s pretty badass to find out you’re regarded as a malicious piece of software :smiley:

Friend of Xander, must be using Xanders hacks. We always knew Xander was dodgy


Goes without saying, but I reckon Xander’s dodginess goes well beyond software…

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Fuckin’ @Xander and his hacks getting other people banned instead of him.

/Voteban Xander

User vredesbyrd has initiated a vote ban for user Xander
[1] - [Yes]
[2] - [No]


You have voted [Yes]. Waiting for more users to vote


Many thanks for sorting things out. Bit surprising that my typing fast triggered some sort of cyber voodoo magic. Now if only my actual targetting reflexes were as fast I might be half competant at battlefield! :smile:

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Welcome Back! :smiley:

damn vote has ended :frowning:
Nope not happening… @Jester !!