Recommend an SSD for Games

I have a motherboard that is running 2 x HDD (Games and Music) and 1 x SSD (Operating System).

Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd.
Model 970A-DS3P (CPU 1)
Chipset Vendor AMD

Can anyone recommend a good SSD for storing/accessing games? Will I need to decommission one of the HDDs to allow for the power to run this?

Size of SSD between 500GB - 1.5TB

Also please include the wires to connect to the mobo/pc?

Also please advise how many disk drives the MoBo can support?


6 native SATA3 ports with up to 6Gbps link speed and RAID 0,1,5,10 support

Unless you have a DVD drive you’ll be able to have 6 so long as you have enough power connectors from your PSU.

None of the SSDs I’ve ever bought have come with the SATA cable so you’ll have to buy one but you can get them for pennies.

As for an SSD - What price range are you looking at?

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Looks like all 6 SATA ports come off the southbridge which is good. Some Intel boards have 3 off the Intel chip and 3 off of some bollocks 3rd party chip or what not. Never found them to be any cop.

SSD power is negligible so you won’t have to decommission and others.

I have always found Samsung to be very good.

Make sure you get a locking sata 6gb cable like this:


I’m running a 860 EVO myself as well as a pro in the laptop, certainly very reliable and good performance for the price.

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Big +1 to the 860 evo

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On Price Range - any where south of 120 quid.

I have a Samsung EVO as the OP system runs on it

Get another dude, they’re great.


has a look at own drives

I R got some werk monies coming end of the month (I think), so looking at ways to waste it frivolously :smiley:

I should have paid more attention to this. Changed @n0tch’s ebuyer links to affiliate links as we work with them :slight_smile:

Oh, and Samsung EVOs are great. I’m thinking of upgrading my MacMini to one in the very near future.


Seems I have a 1tb 850 evo and a 250Gb 840 evo already… Unsure, therefore, if I can justify.

Does your board support M2 drives? That is a tasty way of spending some extra pennies.

It doesn’t :frowning:

Absolutely no idea :slight_smile:

Ah, I was answering the fact that @MicJules’s MB doesn’t. @Leepants , if you run CPUZ and tell us your MB model number, we could tell you if it supports M2 drives :slight_smile:


Ahh yeah I meant Pnats.

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I ran it. It gave me lots of info about which I have no idea :slight_smile:

I shall do it again.

Asus M5A97R2.0, apparently. It has an ITE LPCIO too! :scream:

So yeh - no clue :smiley:

That doesn’t support M2 drives Pnats. Not an issue really, just a nice to have.

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Bloody Mobo is shit… :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help guys, I will let you know what I buy when decided.


500GB Samsumg Evo purchased. Thanks Notch!