Recommend me a new External Drive

Right, I have a 2TB external USB 3.0 drive (bus-powered) that I’m only at 50% capacity with.

However, I am accruing more and more aerial photos from work and it’s eating up my storage.

So, on that note, I am looking for a reliable external drive with cloud storage backup protection.

I’m currently looking at a Western Digital MyBook 3TB drive with cloud backup (mains power).

If anyone has better suggestions, I’m all ears/eyes. :slight_smile:

3TB with Cloud Backup… with your internet speed? Really? :slight_smile:

Surely better to get a Simple NAS and RAID 1 (Mirror) it - or buy 2 externals and setup regular backups.

you need a dropbox account to ‘cloud backup’ that drive, and it’s not clear if you therefore need a dropbox sub, or get a free 3TB one, or maybe it only covers files specifically from that drive somehow? you could use dropbox to backup ANY drive, so it feels like that’s something they’ve agreed with dropbox purely for marketing reasons.

why do you need cloud storage backup, why is any other remote/network attached storage or backup not suitable?

I know my upload rate is fucking horrific here (0.6Mb/sec), so uploading large amounts of data is pretty much a non-runner unless I tether my phone (which makes by bill enormous), but with well over 150GB of aerial images that I cannot afford to lose for work, much less the other random stuff, I just want to be sure that I can have everything I need.

I have a dropbox account and hopefully will be getting our phoneline replace in the next year, possibly even to a fibre line.

Essentially, I just want a really good external backup drive, one that I can connect to the network here and have all the machines dumping images onto it.

My NAS is a ZyXEL. It’s ok, but a bit noisey. Synology are considered one of the most solid makes:

That’s just the enclosure, you’d need 2 disks - but they can just be 3.5" internals. You could use regular desktop HDDs in them, but really it isn’t a lot more to get proper NAS drives that are designed to spin up more frequently.

Remember that if you’re in RAID 1 its a Mirror - you want quality drives because if one fails and you rebuild it onto a new drive, you don’t want the pressure of the copy to kill the remaining disk.


don’t choose between performance and redundancy when you can have both!

RAID 10; because more is better..

What is it you’re trying to protect against:

  • drive failure
  • data theft
  • data loss due to theft
  • multiple drive failures
  • earthquake/flood/fire
  • varius radii of natural disaster/explosion

How much data, what’s it currently stored on, how often do you sync it elsewhere, how much data is typically in those syncs etc. Whatever you end up with, there’ll still be an obvious most-likely point of failure, and obvious steps to mitigate that risk, so it’s down to logistics of what you can afford/implement and how far you want to take it before you decide ‘that’ll do’.

I would go with a Netgear NAS (Mine is a Stora, but that one is not great, has lasted for years). Then get a couple of the WD RED disks and raid the shit out of it.
So something like this:

Keep clear of the Toshiba external drives. The one I have from a few years ago has problems, maybe they have improved since, with the port on the drive itself which progressively got worse until it stopped functioning. Thankfully they can be hooked up directly to motherboard.

Have a Synology NAS and can highly recommend. The interface they have is really good.

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+1 Synology disk stations.

I don’t run raid because I like to live dangeroulsy and seeing 6gb turn in to 3gb would make me cry.

This is coming from the same person that posted the below :slight_smile: