Red Dead Redemption 2 Spoiler Thread


Okay, okay. This game is fugging incredible!!.

Dutch is a very caring man and it’s so odd to see, even though John did say he was, wtf happens!?!

So I’ve rescued John from near death on a mountain, got attacked by a wolf, which is where he got his scars from.

Stole information about a train heist, stole dynamite for said train heist, almost fucked up said heist, proceeded to fall off the train and face plant the dirt (oops!)

Traveled with the gang east (running away from Blackwater) to Valentine, set up camp…

Head into the nearest town, got into a bar fight, watched a short film about why bears go into hibernation and hugged a one armed war vet who wanted a friend…

I then had to walk back to the camp as I didn’t have me horse and didn’t want to steal from those that don’t deserve it… Upon walking back I notice a pool of blood and a trail of blood… I follow and this video and screen shot show what I find…

Video Link.

And here’s a few other screen shots…

New photo by Phil Sawyer

3 new photos by Phil Sawyer

New photo by Phil Sawyer