Red Dead Redemption 2


Launching next month, well steam in December.



Not long finished it on PS4. Not sure about getting it on pc. Multi player could be fun maybe


So what your saying is, my 970 will be fine…


Seems right

So after a friend of mine here spent a LONG time talking about this and convincing me (he had me at “it’s like Wild West Witcher”) I noted that it’s coming out on Steam on the 5th. A quick “can I run it” says “yes you can” but crikey, I’m realising it’s been a while since I built this thing!


What did you use to compare your machine to the game requirements?

THIS SITE i believe. i used it all the time when my PC was competent lol


Looks like I have the recommended, JUST!


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This game is so good. The comparison to Witcher 3 is good, but the depth of this, the detail, the investment in the story and the scope you have is just breathtaking. Time for a new processor to get the most out of it.


But…my hat…

Now that is an image depicting the afterglow of a truly legendary wank.


No idea how this works, there is an online playable version that I’ll get to at some point, but does anyone have a “Rock Star Social club account” or whatever it is? Anyone done online stuff with this? Is it at all like GTA Wild West??

It is GTA wild west. In order to play you already have a rockstart social club account.

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Rgr - I may have some time to go before “story line” completion, but if anyone has an account feel free add me. I can bring my own mask.

similarly, i want to get the single player finished up but i’m keen to try the multiplayer.

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I’ve yet to finish the SP. We have been playing online a lot with Fl3xxxo. Thankfully there is not a massive ammount of PVP.

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Have you called your posse The Eggy Bum Gas??

Don’t have a permanent posse. Should make one. Could use the same as on GTAO. Murse Haisee (Murse is short for Muna(cock) and Perse(ass), haisee is smells)

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