Red vs Blue Love in 2019/2020

…and NO. I don’t mean fucking political parties.

I mean Intel vs AMD - specifically in the CPU markets.

Interested in people’s positions at the moment after the thread with @spoonlamp talking about upgrading

  • Currently Intel. Next CPU will be Intel
  • Currently Intel. Next CPU will be AMD
  • Currently AMD. Next CPU will be Intel
  • Currently AMD. Next CPU will be AMD

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What you all got? Are you happy? What are your plans?

I’ve always run with Intel, I built my current pc in 2015 (iirc) and stuck this in it - Intel® Core™ i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz - and it’s been golden until now. Running RDR2 is bringing it to it’s knees somewhat, but that’s nearly 5 years of use. From memory they tend to leap frog a little, but generally Intel is where I’m at with my rhythm. Maybe it just comes down to when you want to buy?

2700x for a year now. Fucking fantastic… Then again I use that thing for rendering work as well and that is why I originally wanted it. Should last me for 5 years. Intel has a problem at the moment with its security issues, no 10 nanometer process, high pricing(still). If I was getting new kit now there is no way I would go intel.

Yeah, I went from the best chip Intel ever made, the 2600K, to a Ryzen 2700 - 8 Core, 16 Thread. Barely gets hot even on stock fans. Will probably get another Ryzen at some point. Or might go Threadripper if I can afford it.

I opted for Intel again as to be honest I dont have a clue. May be another year at least before I upgrade so will see the lay of the land then.

I have a 7700k which starts to show its age. I’m planning on getting something new within the next year, probably an AMD 3800x or 3900x. I will use the PC frequently for work related workloads, so having a few extra Threads would make a huge difference.

I early adopted ryzen with a 1700, then multiple 1700x’s and then finally 2x TR 2990WX’s. All brilliant CPU’s now

Every single one of them had months of teething issues with stability on every single mobo vendor and most RAM vendors though, so because i wanted some stability (and a Mini ITX mobo which wasn’t crap) recently swapped my gaming rig to an i5 9600k, lo and behold, that will work with any memory kit i throw at it, and I didn’t have to send the mobo on a 3 month back and forth RMA cycle within 3 days of receiving it.

I will probably go back to AMD (been pushing work to swap to them, as the offerings on dell premier are just so much cheaper with ryzen pro’s in them), but only once the more feature driven motherboard are more mature. My stepfather has just taken up on a 3900x, and he is now experiencing the “fun” that I have for the past ~3 years.

AMD. If I wanted 4wd I wouldn’t buy a Kia I would buy an Audi.

I copied @Jester

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You were paying the early adopter tax… Should not be seeing any of those issues with Intel since the platforms are not really new just a rehash of the old stuff. I’ve had no issues with my 2700X, but I did not purchase that straight away. Have you had your hands on the new TR stuff?

I Copy @n0tch

I wrote this while very drunk and have no idea how it releates to CPUs.


@n0tch I was trying to conduct a drunken reply last night to try and figure that out too but gave up.