Refurbished Pcs

My Mum’s pc has bought the farm and we are now looking at a refurbished PC (tower preferable) but does anyone know the best places to look?

This does not need any gaming stuff, simply a machine to use a printer, surf the web and occasional homework with teh grand kids.

Budget: 200 - 500 quid

For that budget Mic you could get a new one if its just for web browsing/printing/etc

Top end of your budget but its more than what you need for what you are looking.

What do you think of this One?

Have a poke around on Laptops Direct, they do refurbished desktops and I’ve had good experiences with them.

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Why you set on a refurbished one Mic? If you have up to 500 to spend get a new one.

yeah, that is true Hammy.

If you want a refurbished one, you can buy one of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its not my money, my Step dad really only wants to spend between 250-300, Mum said 500 was limit so I am looking for a refurbished one as that’s what he wants

Even for 300 mic you could get a new one that would suit everything they need. Refurbs can be hit or miss and not all come with windows installed so be careful there.

Can get a brand new small home desktop from Dell for 330.

I’ve just bought a new Acer XC-885 PC to use as a Plex server. £350 i3 8100, 4GB DDR4, 1TB HDD and a dvd drive.