Remember FPS Russia?

Hello my friends, it is FPS Russia…

Ah, that good ol’ opening line to what was often a fun video to watch of stuff going boom.

Whatever happened to him? His channel is essentially dead. No uploads in a couple of years. Nada.

Well, in 2013 his producer was found shot dead in their offices and just recently, Kyle Myers has been arrested for possession with intent to distribute/sell. Concentrated “Butane Honey Oil” worth $150/g was fucking mailed to him through the post (dumb-ass) and his place has been searched by the cops and a load of weapons and paraphernalia seized.

I guess we won’t be seeing you next time Kyle!

Go check out Demolition Ranch for a bit more wholesome shooty stuff!


Was only watching a few old vids of his just the other day and was wondering where he was.

And yeah Demo Ranch is great. Plus his other blogs are a good watch too :slight_smile:

Most of the gun related channels on youtube are worried about youtube’s new policies on gun related videos.

Demolition Ranch is great fun to watch and you can’t forget good 'ole Gun Jesus on Forgotten Weapons!

FPS Russia’s videos were awesome and for some reason I didn’t really notice he was gone due to the change in the way youtube handles subscription to channels and not being able to group them like you could before!