Reno is in need of a new CPU

My pc is a tad dated but not dead. i did a check to see what my bottle neck was as to why some games arn’t running well fortnite being a major pain. i need a new CPU. i have 16gb RAM should be ok and a gtz 1060.

I currently have a i-3 1600 @3.7ghz it’s 2 cores apparently.

the site i used recommended i get a Core i3-9100F to replace it but is there a better option i have a okish budget of maby £200 or more if i ask more money for xmas lol, any suggestions? also must be easy to install i am a idiot after all.

I’m assuming that is an i-3 6100? What is the mobo? Also ddr3 or ddr4 ram?


Mobo is a asus h110m-r and its ddr4 ram

List of supported CPUs.
Unfortuntely I don’t have any in that are listed.
You could go as high as a i7-7700k. You might have to do a bios upgrade if you do that. The site shows you that when you press the go button on the CPU you are thinking of getting. So it is handy.
6700k would also be an option, currently going for 240 on the ebays.

supported? so i can’t just buy a CPU thats the same socket and be good?

Usually yes, but it is better to be sure.

Too bad I just sold an 7700k and 7600 in the last 6 months.

If you want to push your budget a smidge you could get a new motherboard and CPU for that money. I would recommend a B550 board and an AMD Ryzen 3600. The cpu is around 170-180Euro, plus the motherboard around 100-150 Euro.

Unfortunately the prices exploded recently, probably because of Christmas? Depends on how urgent it is.

Old i5 or i7 7 series cpus are still sold for around 100 euro (my 7700k sold for 150Euro, the 7600 for 90Euro). I feel like that money is better spent if you wait until after Christmas settled down and get a new mobo+cpu or maybe a good combo deal. The B550 even supports the newer 5000 series AMD cpus so prices will probably drop over January-February, or give you a good upgrade path in maybe 3-4 years.

Just my 2 cents, otherwise Raven already showed you the right path. Right now is just the worst time to upgrade as everything is inflated in price, and lots of components can’t be bought as they are out of stock, skyrocketing prices on any pc hardware.


I was looking at those bundles for Reno, but could not find anything reasonable. Getting any hardware right now is a pain in the ass. Low stock, everyone wants some for xmas, pandemic etc. Not sure what its going to be like in the UK after the new year as that might screw things up as well.

thanks for the help guys.

alot food for thought, might wait a while to see what happens with prices and such.