Reno wants a new monitor/TV

Im gonna be looking at a new screen soon and could use some ideas or inserpation or somthing.

i have an old 23 inch samsung monitor works fine ( settings are shit tho ) and a nice samesung full HD 40 inch TV what im thinking is to replace one of them for a 4k HDR replacment. I can run my PC though my TV but it’s not ideal atm due to viewing and desk angles but the TV does seem to be a better quility picture. ( both are 1080p btw ) and i can run consoles to my PC monitor easy so pick one ore the other for that is easy. But my GFX is tiny GFX 1060 and i think it would struggle with 4k of anything new.

BUT! i have a smallish bugget so no OLED TVs or somesuch, max at a push is £500 and size wise can’t be to much bigger then 40ish as i have a smallish room.

What would be a better choice to upgrade the TV or the monitor atm im leaning to TV as i can upgrade my PS4 to a pro for 4k easy.

sorry for wall of text

TLDR: i want new telly, help!.

The issue is … Majority of half decent 4K TVs start at 48/49"

There’s this at 43"

i might beable to push to a bigger screen if i can justify the quality/price

The one I got is good and a good price. Pip knows what it is as he recommended it

Well that’s the same spec as you’d find in the 50/55" models… Deffo the best you’d get at that size the 50" is £549

Yours the NU7100?

NU7100 49"

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that looks good it’s the size just did some mesuering it would be MASSIVE in my room it’s a good 20cm wider then my current screen thats only a 40" good food for thought tho.

Well if you choose the 43" you’ll still have a great TV just smaller screen, but also higher PPI.

whats PPI?

Pixels per inch, buddy.

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ah ok i thought pip was trying to contact me about payment protection insurance.

Is PPI a big deal then when it comes to image quality?


Hahahahha would I do such a thing ? :wink:

Well technically yes… You’d be packing the same amount of pixels into a smaller display size… Phone manufacturers are always touting about PPI when it comes to their screens. TV manufacturers don’t but the same applies.

Edit - You know when you take a picture on your phone and it looks amazing, but then on a monitor it looks less awesome ? This is due to the PPI of your phone, squishing the pixels closer and giving a better image.

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oh ok, hmm lots to thinkg about. Thanks :smiley:

so i smaller screen could look better?

Yes, but you also need to sit closer lol further away and the 4K is wasted, the HDR will still be there… But if you say your room is small I assume you’d be quite close to a 43" TV.

yeah net even a meter away really and im half tempted to use it as a PC monitor if i can rearrange the room and new furniture

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Follow up Question for @VirulentPip and @Hammy the Samsung UE43NU7400 you linked do you know if it upscales 1080p images at all or will it just display at 1080p?

It will up-scale images.

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your a star and im a fool for not seeing that lol