Reno wants a new monitor/TV


got the telly, @Hammy what did you do regard to settings i can’t figure out a good middle ground for the ps4 and what not


I just set it to game mode I think on the HDMI port that it’s on. Let me check when I get home chum


Game mode should auto turn on when it detects a game. I’m sure your model has that.

While game mode is on, key things to remember are:

Backlight - Depends on your personal preference or how dark/bright your room is (will max when HDR is picked up)
Brightness - default
Contrast - Default (will auto max for HDR)
Sharpness off (this should be off for all sources)
Local Dimming - Low (High for HDR - this will save once changed when HDR is on)
Contrast Enhancer - off
Colour Tone - Standard ( Warm 1 or 2 for all other content)
Colour Space - Auto

Picture mode you want for everything else is “Movie” then the settings as above except for the Colour Tone.

Also in Picture size settings make sure “Fit to Screen” is on, mine was off by default.

Hope this helps.

Edit - Game mode HDR on and off and Movie mode HDR on and off have their own settings that will save. No need to adjust all the time when switching.


i bloody love you pip :3 i owe you a drink or somthing :smiley:


Make sure you set you PS4 to her mode as well


Yeah find out where “HDMI UHD COLOR” is on your TV for me it is

General - External Device Manager - Turn on the HDMI your PS4 is.


huh? …

also cant see the local dimming setting


Haha I think he meant HDR mode. The HDMI UHD colour.

Ah local dimming must be on mine only


Autocorrect on the bloody phone.

Mine looked crap until I realised the HDR settings on the PS4 was turned off


Turned off? So you don’t play any games on PS4 with HDR? Unless this is another auto correct typo and you meant on? Haha. Well it’ll be “Automatic” I think


HDR was off on my PS4. I had to turn it on manually. Played it for a while and it looked crap until I turned it on. Then it blew me away.


i have to say it


thanks so much for the help choosing the TV and the setting we need to play some PS4 together :smiley:


Apart from Rocket League and Apex Legends. My PS4 is Single player games machine really, oh and GT Sport.


i have two of them :smiley:


Only have single player games too. Don’t even have what ever playstation version of live is


Do either of you @Hammy or @VirulentPip get LED bleed on the edge of yiur displays im starting to notice some.


Oooof yeah I did. Had my TV replaced.


Oh balls i better ring john lewis tomorrow then


I get some of that around the bottom, but not really noticeable unless its a dark screen.


Im torn now to be honest as its a massive ball ache to get the telly off the wall and as yiu said hammy its only in dark scenes i do have a 5 year guarantee so might wait to see if it gets worse