Report to the Bridge, Make it so. Fire Phasers! Engineering? etc etc etc

Well - It seemed silly to not purchase Star Trek Bridge Crew whilst it was half price on Steam.

I’m up for a session on either Friday or over the weekend @adrock and @Scottyboy - as you to both have VR headsets. Might try to and record it somehow… we’ll see.

You about and up for a blast around space?


She cannae take much more of this capn.

Aye, defo up for that. Just need to work out my headset. Turns out the Vive does have its own mic, so will need to configure correctly to use voice activation.

Beam me up.


Can I be re-promoted to Red(Dragon)shirt beforehand? The No Avatar Club is suffering a critical lack of leadership right now.

Apologies! Thought I had. Order restored.

you could totally have created a Red Shirt user class :wink:


I shall be available from 14:30 Hrs for duty. Big universe out there for us to explore. See you on the bridge.

Ensign *coughcough* reporting for red shir…i mean duty.

Not VR (I don’t think?) but good CooP fun: Has anyone looked at ‘Pulsar: Lost Colony’ ?

Played a decent amount with Kate and @Toonfood and it is good Star Trekky fun if a little difficult and unfinished after the first few hours.

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I’ve played a bit of pulsar, though not in VR, which it supports. it’s rougher looking than bridge crew but possibly has a little more complexity.

That bash on Saturday was one of the most refreshingly entertaining gaming sessions i’ve had in a while, but i think maybe we need to find a better way to deal with or avoid anomalies :slight_smile:

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100% with you there. Absolutely incredible experience. Can’t wait to do it again.

I think i’ll be better at taking out enemy as well now - Having worked out how powerful the disruptions can be.

I particularly enjoyed the affect of a dog hassling the Tactical Officer. Or the Helmsman going for a cup of tea and subsequent weird looking stretchy arm syndrome Also the childish hand gestures, The spontaneous combustion of the ship. The occasional accidental Red Alert. Mary who works in stationary. Spocks Sparking Desk. And just hanging out in the observation lounge.

Lets schedule next play through in. Thursday evening anyone?

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Make it so.

This thread needs 20 more character, c’ptan!

Her name’s Pam!

this is why crew approval ratings are low.

Who cares what her name is! Was Mary that stupid talkative woman then? I am sure there was a Mary.

Crew sucks. Tactical officer never shows up and always out spacewalking his invisible dog. Helm is always ramming into ships like a crazy head butting a wall continuously. And Engineer is Well. Not all there.

a poor workman blames his tools.

who are you calling tools?

I’m considering this; thoughts/concerns?

i figure a suitable cup holder (possibly bike bottle holder attached to either armrest) and i should be able to live out my ‘drink tea while playing VR spaceships’ dream.


Hmm interesting. The straw will certainly make it easier to drink whilst headset is on. Is it enough longevity though? I still think camelbak pack filled up may offer more volume and affix the mouthpiece close to your mouth so you dont really need to even reach for cups in your arm rest. That said, I am not sure if camelbak are suitable for hot drinks. Would cover, juice, beer, PQ Beveridge, Whisky etc etc.

my cheapo glasses ($25 shipped) arrived, so now i can VR without glasses and be able to see things. guaranteed to help avoid those pesky anomalies.

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the TNG DLC should be out on PC this week :smiley:

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