Respawn done fucked up Titanfall 3; a discussion

At least according to sauceless rumours.

wtf EA. Supposedly it’ll be released tomorrow, so we’ll see.

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hard to make out what’s ‘leaked’ and what’s speculation, but seemingly this is the third titanfall game that they’re working on alongside the star wars one they’re doing. Also some chat about titanfall 3 was meant to be out in 2018 because of concerns the engine will look too dated if it’s released later, because it’s still using a modified source engine, and this is a stopgap using what they’d got in the meantime. Rumour of cosmetic in game transactions a la overwatch, along with some elements of the ‘arena’ style shooter. Supposedly leaked yesterday due to EA having an event for streamers in the last week or so.

Absolutely no evidence whatsoever at this point, but if it’s meant to release tomorrow i guess we’ll find out. I can’t see the benefit, or particular humour in putting it out there as a hoax, but that might be my preferred outcome.

When you say “released tomorrow” - I presume you mean they are announcing it? Not actually launching it? I mean EA would never release a title without pre-marketing…

Googling this: Apparently they would. WTF?

EA’s previous attempts at FTP spinoffs of their most popular series haven’t done well. Nee Battlefield Heroes.

That wasn’t good.

Obviously a panicked meeting of the EA marketing team has established Battle Royale is popular - and that they need to make something to get on board. Surprised these didn’t resuscitate the Medal of Honour franchise and use that instead.

I think this’ll just be slowly forgotten about.

If that is all that happens then I’ll be happy, but I’m really worried it will go about as poorly as most of us (just me?) expect it will and end up damaging the franchise for players and in EA’s eyes.

Hopefully it is totally average instead of totally shite.

A couple of articles for further reading:

Though they only echo what @adrock has already summarised.

‘Totally Shite’ is fine if it isn’t called something daft like ‘TITANFALL SHOWDOWN’ - then it’d damage the franchise.

shite or average isn’t really the problem. Its if it makes EA money - that’s the issue, because if it does - they’ll just do it again.


The thing that worries me more is if it doesn’t make them bank - it’ll get slung in the bin.


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So titanfall without titans should be titanfell

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…off the fucking development schedule.


Stream later today will apparently reveal all:

Colour me pretty much this gif:

Edit: Wasn’t the ‘Apex’ thing from TF2 the bad dude Mercs and weren’t they called ‘Apex Predators’ ?

Edit 2: Also, this release is a masterclass on how to make me not want to play your game:

  • Franchise with a core element of the franchise removed (Titanfall without Titans…)
  • Battle Royale because why not
  • F2P because also why not

A point in favour of this from the RPS comments on the related article:

  1. No, there’s not many MP games that have momentum movement and verticality like Titanfall pilots gameplay. And their ones that are (Arena shooters) don’t have BR mode.
  2. It’s free to play – so in that sense, if it’s a quality product it’s already at a better spot than Blackout

Seen some clips. Actually looks quite interesting. Might have to check this out

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looks alright. Added to library. Grapple fun! Will DL.

I’ll never get used to that speed!



Fuk you PiP. Fuk You! :heart_eyes:


Watched a few more videos, this does look good. Downloading as we speak

Not for me I don’t think. I’ll be interested to see what you guys think though.

Fingers crossed this goes well, EA don’t sound like they’re lathering on the support and attention to this title (especially if the rumours about how this became what it is are true), so if it doesn’t go well we all know what EA does next…

just get it! its free and if you dont like it delete it. Half an hour download (sorry Scotty) and see how it goes. You know you want to @vredesbyrd

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