Respawn done fucked up Titanfall 3; a discussion



Nah. Wrote up a post expanding on ‘nah’ but few ZiiPsters seem to feel the same way I do about the direction a lot of franchises have gone in so I’ll just leave it as a “Nah” and save you all my “whinging”.


Just had one quick round, this could be OK with a squad of ZiiPsters.

From the start a “jump-master” is selected and they chose the jump location. They also control when everyone jumps, and you jump as a team. Picking 3 different legends is nice. Ultimate’s look useful and do take a while to recharge. Can revive and re-spawn team mates depending on a few things. Looks promising, but wouldn’t be the type of game i’d pay for, thankfully its free


I didn’t enjoy the idea of a Titanfall branded game without actual titans as a spinoff. Pissed me right off. Trying to piggyback on a trend with your franchise is sort of a dick move. That aside what I saw till now looks pretty decent, I downloaded it and will give it a shot.

Still sucks though that Titanfall will be a while and probably got delayed in favor of this! Sort of mixed feelings.


sounds increasingly like there won’t be a TF3 :frowning: Well, as long as some suits are happy that they’ve done what they think will get them more money, which is of course my primary/only concern as a gamer. I’m assuming the folks that made the TF2 campaign (which was great fun) are the ones working on the star wars title for them. And they were only working on 2 games.

So, who wants to open betting on the announcement of respawns closure? Does anyone have the book from when EA bought them?


Also, RPS are calling it:

Tit Royale


In an interview with eurogamer they confirm Titanfall 3 is not in development.

I was a little excited about this despite it having no mechs in it but I just read an article on ars that days there’s also no wall running or double jumping in the game.
The two best things about Titanfall, apart from the campaign, are the titans and player mobility. I think it’s bizarre that neither of these are in this game.


The Anti Cheat program built in is REALLY strict. My RGB motherboard controller is triggering it.


Anyone fancy a game of this later. You do need a 3 man team who talk for it to work.


Should have it downloaded @Hammy so could be up for a grapple… grappling is still in it right?


Only with one legend.


I’ve played a couple of games. Don’t think I’ll play a lot of this - but it seems to be an improvement on the BattleRoyale genre.

I like that you can middle click on anything (gun/item/area/enemy) to highlight it and give verbal awareness to your team. It means that even in a pubber game, you can help each other without having to actually talk. It’s also a lot quicker/better than “There’s a shotgun in this house”.

Graphic style is pretty nice. Movement is ok too.

Not quite sure why it is Titanfall… actually makes me think more about Borderlands2 for some reason.

Anyhow - I probably won’t be about for the game on Discord due to circumstances, but I might have a blast at some point.


I thought that too, something to do with the graphics at the start


Sorry Hammy your invite didn’t pop up!

I find it quite fun :smiley:

Seems rather polished too which is nice!

Also running on Shadow 1440p on what I think is high preset and getting near enough a solid 60FPS and above.


Played. Enjoyed. Didnt spot any major issues with it. Interactions seem pretty smooth. Missing the movement of Titanfall. Grappling action for all would have been good. Will probably pick it up and play everynow and then.


Pretty much what Scotty said. the odd blast here and there on this would be fun. badly need to get my eye in again for this type of game


Played a couple of games yesterday and actually won one too. I like the 3 man squad and easy communication ingame via the middle mouse button a lot. Overall quite enjoyable over the standard battle royal formular. Not sure though if I like it enough to play over other games, but alot more likely than PubG or Fortnite! I can see myself at least hopping on for a couple oif game here and there!

I think it would have been much better with the complete Titanfall movements system! Maybe if you find an item ingame or something?


Both this article and the following one in the post state there will be another Titanfall game out later this year:

And not necessarily related to Respawn/Titanfall, but EA related:

When pressed about EA’s sales expectations for Anthem in the wake of a wonky public demo, Jorgensen said that EA still expects its first-quarter sales to reach roughly 5-6 million units. “We’re comfortable with that based on what we’re seeing in the outcome of both demos,” Jorgensen added. “A lot of excitement, a lot of interest.”

Bye bye Bioware?!

EA confirmed that a range of console-specific games is expected to launch by year’s end, including a new Plants vs. Zombies “shooter,” a new game in the Need for Speed series, and the Respawn-developed Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order . An additional Titanfall-related game is also slated to launch by year’s end, but Wilson would not offer any further details about what shape that game might take (meaning: a remake of an existing Titanfall game isn’t yet out of the question).

I hope that remake talk is just the writer musing…I really hope it isn’t something based on iside info/rumours.

Wilson further clarified that Respawn has “two fully staffed teams, one focused on the shooter genre, and one focused on action-adventure.” He also dodged questions about any new Battlefield-series games launching in 2019.


Wilson told investors to expect “deliberate changes to our organization and operational focus.”

What was that you were saying, @adrock ? (That sounds really sarcastic…I mean I think you might be right…)

Respawn out of lives in 3…2…1…


I’ll download Apex overnight. Not going to have a chance to play it today anyway.


I found it entertaining.


Thinking a bit more on this, it’s just ok. Somewhere between pubg Fortnite with a mixer of r6s in picking legends and as adrock pointed out last night overwatch with the abilities. Is it a game I’m going to play every night if the week. No. Something I’ll be play the odd time when I see others on playing. There’s just not enough in it to be really good. Battle royale games are getting boring now. Someone needs to make a new game type