Respawn done fucked up Titanfall 3; a discussion


I did some thinking too. Beside it being a nice mixture of several things I can’t really see myself playing it too much, probbaly not even occasionally. Its well put together but it misses soemthing to stand out.lLke for example the Titanfall movement system. The different classes are a nice addition but I feel like for me, in 1month or so I will have forgoten this even exists. Its very basic, borrows from lots of popular games and puts them together, rather well it seems.

I believe it might just be a quick hot fire, a couple people will play it but I can’t see how it will take a major cut of the declining Battle Royal market. Unless you really love the idea of Fortnite mixed with hero classes (Overwatch or R6S).

I’m worried for Respawn, this could end the Titanfall series… .


Why are people like but does this mean no Titanfall 3 etc etc

Titanfall 2 only came out just over 2 years ago… What do you want? It to turn into a once a year Battlefield shitshow? I’m fine with a Titanfall game every 3-4 years personally.


There is that as confirmed by Eurogamer. But, for me and at least a chunk of other internet randoms (sounds like @adrock too maybe), the concern isn’t necessarily that there won’t be a Titanfall 3, the concern is that there won’t be a Respawn entertainment much further down the line to make a Titanfall 3.

They’re a team split between two projects:

  • Titanfall which has had a stealth F2P battleroyale release and is promising another game later in the year that they’re being cagey about - this could actually be Titanfall 3, but it would seem to contradict what they’ve said about the franchise.
  • A Star Wars game, a franchise that just hasn’t been going well for EA resulting in poorly received releases, cancellations of projects and restructuring of others. Some of the studios involved in now cancelled or restructured projects either don’t exist any more or have been reshuffled.

And then just look at the sales expectations EA have for Anthem and where that is at and what the reception has been, then think back to what happened with Visceral and the death knell that was Dead Space 3’s insane sales expectations which are widely regarded as being one of the last nails in their coffin.

For a lot of us, all these little things add up to concern that Respawn will ended up added to the list of studios EA have devoured.


Not fully read that yet but it’s not Titanfall 3


I’m not concerned that they wouldn’t make a Titanfall 3, I’m concerned they don’t exist long enough to do so if Apex doesn’t yield the cashflow/success EA waits for.

With the last years disasterours fiscal year EA started to understand it needs more IPs to create revenue beside there cash cows. Now they start to rush it it seems, and if they have overly ambitious sales numbers in mind then Respawn and Bioware are fucked.

On the other side, they might have a bit more backing now that EA hopefully realised they actuially need games aka Game Studios to make money. But that would be logically and thats not EAs strengths!


APEX Mobile Pubg.


They have already release a mobile Titanfall, though I don’t know if it had anything to do with Respawn.

I wouldn’t be surprised if thats exactly what it is.


well, it teamed me up with 2 very experienced players. We worked well and won. Champions! I even got kills.

I feel my work is now done and I can uninstall the game.


I tried it on ps4 briefly. Very smartly designed game.

I think the trouble is the speculation around Respawn and the EA curse. Chances are we MAY see a third Titanfall. At least they’ve proven they can make a battle royale game that kind of hits a lot of modern trends well.

Hopefully Apex does well enough to keep them surviving. Who knows. Best not to lose sleep over whether we get a future for the series like we expect. It will probably not be Titanfall 2 (which was utterly superb), but here’s hoping. And if not, well, we still have that one.


My reluctance to the title is probably partly due to my EA hatred mixed with an unfamiliar (and liked) game mode.

I still enjoyed my time though, the shooting mechanics and weapons feel good, the class system is a clever addition and adds well into the gameplay. Especially the syngery between some of the classes can be quite a game changer. I still would have loved a more titanfally movement system. It already has more depth to it due to the usage of the 3rd dimension.

On the other side, there are so many games I enjoy more right now, but it might be fun for a couple of games with Ziipsters. If that ever happens due to my different play times.


If they deliver a game that doesn’t commercially perform as well as whatever the fuck they were thinking of when they thought ‘yeah, lets copy that’ (so fortnite in this case), then that project is a failure. You don’t invest in failure. Shareholders don’t give a shit about the games the company produces, it’s philosophy, ethics, or customers. It’s a number game and nothing else. EA have a responsibility to maximise their share value/profit above any and everything else because (as for all listed/traded companies) the share price is the product, and everything else is marketing for the share price.

The argument that the tech doesn’t hold up seems like bullshit to me; TF/TF2 are great examples of why we don’t need ever increasing increments on game engines and GPUs. The source engine can do that, so what exactly has the last 15 years of ‘progress’ been for? just selling shit. Progress for progress’ sake as marketing.

This is missing too much of what i like about titanfall/tf2:
wall running
double jumping
(proper) grappling
the aesthetic
armies of grunts
hacking robuts with my space knife
a kick-ass campaign
fluid movement

playing a few rounds the other night it just feels incredibly generic. it’s not:
as good a BR game as pubg or even BR
as good an arena shooter as Overwatch
as good a team/squad based shooter as BF5
as good a 3-man team ‘pick up for a few rounds/have a quick blast’ as Destiny
got the atmosphere of Hunt:Showdown

Weapon handling feels good, but the movement feels like crap and the map reminds me of planetside a bit.

i don’t get the ‘multiple half-assed features = complete game’ mentality. If i made a shit karting game, threw in a basic crafting system and loot based on RNG awarding players for completing races, it wouldn’t make a good game. it’d just be a bunch of shitty systems strung together. It’s like all those shit Steam titles where some newly graduated game dev has decided ‘i can make a better $POPULARGAME by adding $GENERICFEATURE from $OTHERPOPULARGAME’, and/or ‘it’s like $ANYGAME meets Minecraft!’.

Nail Head Attack! Yeah, i can’t see why i’d choose to play this over anything else. whatever angle i look at it from, there are better alternatives.


Now guys this is not Titanfall 3. It is a BR game, not a single player game, not BFV, not an arena shooter.
Take it as what it is and stop speculating about Titanfall 3.
Also I’m sure this will make money just like every other BR game. The question is how much and will it cover the cost of development. I do have to say that there have not been as many bugs as on other BR games so they did actually spend a proper ammount of time in development.
And finally hate EA don’t hate the developer as the dev does not make the decisions on what to make and how.


I’m not entirely sure how well Titanfall 2 sold for EA… But I know that BF V has undersold, if anything we won’t be getting a BF any time soon hehe…

Apex Legends had over 10M players in 72 hours… How many of them stay on and play or spend money who knows…

I find it fun as heck and its free… win win for me :smiley:


as the OP I deem spurious Titanfall 3 speculation ‘on topic’. :smiley: I posted because i was curious on people’s thoughts about the broader impact of ‘the third titanfall game we’re working on’ turning out to be this vs peoples expectation from 2017 when respawn said they were working on ‘a third titanfall game’.

Don’t tell me what i’m allowed to discuss in a thread i started on a forum; a platform essentially built around discussion.

If you want to just discuss Apex Legends, make a thread for Apex Legends, fill it with all the marketing and promotional videos and links to youtube or twitch based assholes passing on their ‘influencer’ opinions as marketing, then go right ahead :smiley: Then people who don’t like it can shit post throughout and the people who enjoy it can just go and enjoy playing it, like the battlefield 5 thread :rofl:

I’ll take that bet. what odds you offering, or are you just shit talking? and why do you find that amusing?


Was just on the topic of devs not doing “Great” and being closed by EA… I personally really like BFV…


i read that as after 5 days of a game you think battlefield 6/n/? is more likely to be cancelled than a potential Titanfall 3 or both. I think it’s down to your use of ‘if anything’. I’m not sure Apex Legends doing well would result in a Titanfall 3, let alone keep Respawn alive.

I feel like whoever’s at the top at EA wants everything to be something they can fold into their annual sequels plan, because that supports their idea of games as a service (because everything has to be ?aaS these days) and their wanting to sell people a subscription rather than having to sell individual titles. Once AL is established, do they need to employ Respawn full time to maintain it? and IF (is it a big if? probably a seperate discussion) the star wars game goes poorly (just HD remaster all the 90s ‘pre-prequel’ star wars games and be done with it already) do Respawn have anything left to fall back on.

I’m hoping the star wars game (i know the title’s announced but i forget it because most star wars subtitles are too generic now. Have we had a Return of the Empire or Shadows of the Jedi yet? is it one of those?) turns out to be as good as TF2s singleplayer campaign, which was a blast. But I’ve been burned far too many times to have much genuine hope. That does lower expectations to the point where any half decent game comes off as ‘surprisingly good’ though.

I didn’t realise you liked BF5 to be fair, but then we don’t discuss bf5 a lot on the forum because of what happened in the battlefield 5 thread :wink:


Apparently it’s called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

I dunno how Star Wars will feel about having Jedi graduate to a ‘pre-colon’ position in the title. perhaps they could ntsf it up a bit and go with Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order.

Looks like it’s timed for November when folks who signed up for origin premier for battlefield 5 have to consider whether they’re renewing.


On a separate note - I’m kinda glad they released it immediately like this. If it were announced, the reaction and response would have been terrible. Especially knowing how fans react. Which we can see in this here thread.

Maybe the devs wanted to do their own spin on it and mish mash a thousand ideas?

I mean maybe it keeps them going to make the one we all kinda want?

Or, more likely, to make more of this instead of the other one that didnt sell…


yeah, they’ve said as much regarding just launching it rather than announcing it then having to deal with the fall out. But if they didn’t say anything because they knew the reaction would be bad, and they aren’t saying anything about titanfall 3 or their star wars game, can we assume it’s because they know the feedback for those will also be poor, and if so, why, given their expectation for this getting poor feedback was around the f2p/lootbox/BR aspects they knew they were incorporating.

If something’s heavily marketed i’m now leaning towards the view that whoever’s trying to sell it knows it’s not good enough to sell itself on its own merit.

i’m glad they missed the obligatory crafting and ‘everything is made of blocks’ ideas, but i’m demoting the status of their ‘ideas’ down to ‘tropes’ because they stuck to the loot rarity coloration standard. How has that become a standard in a world filled with proprietary bullshit, and is it ISO ratified?