Restoring Steam Drives! Very carefully>

So. Had a wee blip this evening out of nowhere. Blue screen and a couple of restarts appeared to result in my Disk Drives “vanishing”!
After initial panic about all the UNI work I had done today locally going missing! The drives did come back in explorer. yesss! ‘now, time for some DayZ’, hmmm, only games installed? Arma 3 and Sandstorm (@n0tch silver linings eh?)

So bit of background, I have my Steam install folders installed over 3 or 4 drives. Now I only have the main c drive. I want to tread carefully here. It appears the physical drives are fine and the steam folders are there. But how would I get them recognised in steam again withou things going tits up?

Could probably google the answe but ZiiP LOVE and trust goes along way. … And bit pissed an lazy. As I am sure I could figure this out. I did try retstarting Steam… And that didnt work so now full PC restart. Again… End of post.

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nah, 2 restarts. Same. Basically Steam is not recognising the folders in the other drives.

How do I restore this with no pain? The paths should be there, the files are there?

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Meh, sorted!

After initial panic and report to ZiiP!, just went to install a game in each missing drive and all appeared! Cheers :heart_eyes: