Return of the Demo? (Steam)

Has anyone else noticed the number of free ‘Prologue’ releases popping up on Steam?

On top of this, there also seems to be a resurgence of demos for a lot of games coming to Steam recently.

Could we be watching a renaissance of the golden era?

I still don’t fully understand why demos went away as Digital Distrubtion catapulted forward for PC and then consoles - were the demos losing devs sales? Was it really too expensive to section off a portion of the game for a demo? Was it the instances where demos were cracked open to find there was a lot more content locked away before being shared on the net?


Back in the day I used to play tons of demos, I still have some of the discs!

Personally I find demo’s of a game a nice way to see if I enjoy a game rather than trying to make a judgement call based off a reviewer or a random twitch stream! I have bought games in the past after playing demo’s and back when magazines with demo discs were a thing I used to look forward to messing with the demos.

I think the lack of demo’s has to be lazy devs letting someone download the full game with a lame lockout that can be defeated with replacement of a file or editing a file instead of putting out a smaller download where the rest of the game is literally not there so no incentive to try to hack it into the full version!

I find it interesting that the switch has quite a few demos available and I have even tried a few to see how something runs on it! With consoles its a bit easier as its basically “good luck hacking that and not be banned on the online ecoystem for the console” kinda thing.


DRONE the game demo, almost made me buy the game when it was on sale. it was cheap, but the direction it wanted to go into wasnt appealing to me, but the demo is defo something I will pop into from time to time