RIP Diego Maradona

Messed up dude. One of hell of a football player and big personality.


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Shit me, I’m not at all in to football but even I know who Maradona is!

60 is no age.

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Text my dad and got a response that tells me he still hasn’t let bygones be bygones:

“Good the cheating bastard.”

Surprised how much it has affected me! Didn’t shed a tear, but defo felt melancholy.

And I have already shared 2 memes…

Naples will be going apeshit tonight, celebrating Maradona. He’s a football god to them, beyond reproach, beyond compare. You come across portraits of him in the most surprising places, including massive graffiti’d ones that people just keep in good condition for years. Bars, restaurants, pizza shops, garages, coffee shops…


That didn’t take long;

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